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St. Petersburg, FL

O’Maddy’s is a popular bar and grille with a Beach Bar atmosphere located along the inner coast of St. Petersburg, Florida.


O’Maddy’s was struggling to keep their restrooms free of vandalism; specifically vulgar tagging/etching on their men’s bathroom mirrors. The need for mirror replacement was growing cost prohibitive, and with every replacement new graffiti was not far behind. OMaddy’s patrons were beginning to question the safety of what was once one of their favorite local hang outs and their long-standing image of quality was beginning to suffer.


Mirror Shield, a graffiti abatement and obscuring film that offers the reflective look of a mirror while providing protection to the surface underneath, was installed over existing mirrors in the men’s bathroom. Mirror Shield’s proprietary adhesive cleanly releases from the surface but withstands removal attempts from the general public. By installing Mirror Shield, the need for constant mirror replacement was alleviated and further permanent damage was prevented. Additionally, Graffiti Shield’s ability to print directly to the film enabled the use of O’Maddy’s logo and the printed promotion of a new menu item — chicken wings.


Since the completion of the initial installation in the men’s bathroom, no new vandalism hasoccurred.

The sales of chicken wings were tracked over a specific period of time. Due to a hurricane that came through in that timeframe, the sales of the location were down by 20%, but sales of chicken wings were up 38.2%.

The owner now plans to outfit the ladies’ restroom with a promotion to push a new drink they’ve recently added to the menu.

Ko’olau Ballrooms & Conference Center

Ko’olau Catering, Inc. dba Ko’olau Ballrooms & Conference Center
Kaneohe, Hawaii

Ko’olau Ballrooms & Conference Center is a professional banquets and catering company that provide venues for weddings, wedding receptions, social gatherings, celebrations, retreats, proms, project grads, conferences, and meetings of different proportions for public consumption.

Ko’olau Ballrooms & Conference Center in Honolulu, HI housed a series of brass passenger elevators where a lack of upkeep had resulted in unsightly oxidation and pitted surfaces. Management had considered recladding the damaged elevators but found that the costs were prohibitive; leading to a need for an innovative and more cost effective solution.
Metal Shield Brushed Gold, a 6-mil thick surface protection and damage obscuring film is installed over a damaged brass or brushed gold surface; replicating its original, clean appearance. Metal Shield Brushed Gold protects the substrate from future damage while covering up any existing oxidation. Metal Shield utilizes a proprietary adhesive system engineered to withstand removal attempts by the general public, but easily removed by a trained technician without leaving any adhesive transfer on the original surface. Each piece of film is engraved with a custom part number for easy coordination of reorders and replacement installation.
The costs to resurface the elevator interior panels and doors had been quoted at over $8,000 each. Material and installation costs of the Graffiti Shield film solution came in at 1/5 the cost.

T&T Tinting completed the measurement and installation process in less than 10 days, providing a quick and impactful facelift for Ko’oalu.

San Joaquin Valley Regional Transit District

San Joaquin Valley Regional Transit District
Stockton, CA

San Joaquin Valley Regional Transit District (RTD) runs a bus fleet of over 80 buses that cover Stockton, CA and its surrounding areas; servicing 1,489 miles with over 5 million rides per year.


The San Joaquin Valley RTD fleet of over 80 buses was primarily outfitted with acrylic window liners to deter graffiti on the bus glass. These panels cost approximately $25 per unit and were difficult to replace as well as to keep in stock. San Joaquin Valley RTD needed a more efficient and cost effective way to replace these acrylic units.


Glass Shield is a 4 and 6 mil thick graffiti abatement film designed as a clear, undetectable sacrificial coating on glass or other surfaces. Once damaged by vandals in the form of scratching, carving, or even acid, it can simply be removed and replaced giving the acrylic a “new like” appearance.

Graffiti Shield came onsite and helped install the first 20 buses. The team removed the acrylic panels, laid out the materials by part number and drawings, and trained one window at a time with the San Joaquin Valley RTD team.


Graffiti Shield was able to offer stocking capabilities, tools needed for installation, and onsite training.

After the training was completed, the rest of the fleet was retrofitted with Glass Shield.

San Joaquin Valley RTD now carries a complete inventory of all pieces needed for the fleet, along with all the necessary tools.

With an average cost now under $7 per piece, San Joaquin Valley RTD ultimately saved several hundred thousand dollars per year in anti-graffiti abatement. This allows them to utilize this savings towards other mechanical needs of the fleet.

Cabrillo College

Cabrillo College
Watsonville, CA

Cabrillo College is a mid-sized public college that is based just south of Santa Cruz, in Aptos, CA with a satellite school in Watsonville, CA. In total they have over 14k students enrolled.


When Cabrillo College in Watsonville, CA decided to remodel their campus bathrooms, they immediately began to look at solutions to ensure the longevity of the new bathroom partitions. Options were limited as very few products exist in the industry that combat the vandalism and graffiti damage that so commonly occur in campus restrooms. After seeing a sample of Metal Shield from Graffiti-Shield Inc., College Planning and Operations reached out to see if the company could offer a solution that would give their standard baked enamel painted stalls a stainless steel appearance while protecting them from vandalism.


Metal Shield, a 6-mil thick graffiti abatement and obscuring film is installed over a damaged stainless steel surface; replicating its original, clean appearance. Metal Shield protects the substrate from future damage while covering up any existing vandalism. Metal Shield utilizes a proprietary adhesive system engineered to withstand removal attempts by the general public, but easily removed by a trained technician without leaving any adhesive transfer on the metal surface. Each piece of film is engraved with a custom part number for easy coordination of reorders and replacement installation

The installation required approximately 300 square feet of custom fit Metal Shield and was installed on partitions in ten bathrooms across campus.


Through the installation of this product, the College’s investment in their campus is expected to have a significantly prolonged impact on the appearance of the restrooms as well as providing significant savings over the costs of purchasing stainless steel stalls.

Since the install, film replacement and vandalism overall has gone down tremendously.

Cabrillo College has already had Graffiti Shield materials specified for the next renovation on their main campus.

LA Metro Blue Line Trains

Los Angeles Metro Blue Line Trains
Los Angeles, CA

LA Metro Blue Line runs from Downtown Los Angeles through South Los Angeles, Compton, Watts, and through Long Beach.


In an attempt to reduce costs, the Nippon Sharyo cars utilized by LA Metro Blue Line switched from glass to polycarbonate windows. Cost of replacement for polycarbonate windows are estimated around $500 per window and require taking the train out of service.  Although this cost is less expensive than glass, polycarbonate windows pose additional challenges for graffiti abatement.  Anti-graffiti or any PS adhesive based films are not normally safe for application on polycarbonate. These windows ‘out-gas’, causing film to bubble and stain the polycarbonate surface. The malleable polycarbonate surface also scratches very easily, impeding the protective value of traditional anti-graffiti film while providing an irresistible playground for graffiti vandals.

LA Metro came to Graffiti Shield requesting a solution that would be safe on the polycarbonate surface with the ability to resist the aggressive vandalism that was occurring on the line.


To resolve the issue, the R&D team at Graffiti Shield Inc. were tasked to engineer a clear product that would protect a polycarbonate surface from aggressive vandalism, with an additional request to provide heat rejection for increased comfort on the line.

NH70, a 12-mil thick graffiti abatement film, was engineered for safe application on polycarbonate while providing 70% IR heat rejection to help keep the trains cool during the hot Southern California summer. A pilot program was initiated to test the use and effectiveness of the film, with the NH70 installed on the interior surface of 50 passenger windows. Each piece of film is engraved with a custom part number for easy coordination of reorders and replacement installation.


The pilot program was hugely successful, providing an 85% reduction in replacement windowsrequired and translating to over $1 million dollars in savings along the LA Metro Blue Line. With an average cost of $200-$500 per window installed versus an average cost of $25 per piece of film, the Graffiti Shield solution provided tremendous savings over window replacement.

Since the completion of the pilot program, Graffiti Shield has supplied film to protect every Blue Line train and furnishes approx. 5,000 pieces for maintenance annually.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Case Study

DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) Elevators
Dallas, TX

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a light rail and bus system serving the Dallas, TX region. It has 163 LRV trains and over 600 buses. The system also has 64 stations, many which utilize elevators cladded in stainless steel.


Dallas Area Rapid Transit  stations were being vandalized at an alarming rate. Graffiti tags obscured glass panels in and around the stations, and idle moments spent waiting in the elevators allowed for tagging of the interior surfaces of the elevators. Previous attempts at refinishing the stainless steel had shown some success at tag removal, but had left an unappealing, uneven look on the surface of the elevators. Additionally, DART utilized a series of inclinator elevators with angled inclines that presented a challenge for surveying and replacement.


Metal Shield, a 6-mil thick graffiti abatement and obscuring film was installed over the damaged stainless steel surfaces;replicating its original, clean appearance. Metal Shield protects the substrate from future damage while covering up any existing vandalism. Graffiti-Shield’s ability to survey uniquely-shaped surfaces enabled them to accurately measure the inclinator elevators for a seamless Metal Shield install.

Glass Shield is a 4 and 6 mil thick graffiti abatement film designed as a clear, undetectable sacrificial coating on glass or other surfaces. Once damaged by vandals in the form of scratching, carving, or even acid, it can simply be removed by our technicians and replaced in moments giving your glass a “new like” appearance.

Both films utilize a proprietary adhesive system engineered to withstand removal attempts by the general public, but easily removed by a trained technician without leaving any adhesive transfer on the metal surface. Each piece of film is engraved with a custom part number for easy coordination of reorders and replacement installation. Additionally, some of the elevator surfaces required ‘No Smoking’ signs & certificates which Graffiti Shield was able to print directly onto the film, providing a replaceable and consistent system for future installations.


Several elevators were able to be salvaged and through the use of Metal Shield, did not require replacement.Unfortunately, many of the stations required complete replacement of the elevator cabs, which will be covered in Metal Shield prior to public use to protect DART’s investment and ensure they stay in pristine condition.

The costs to resurface the inclinators had been quoted at over $12,000. Material and installation costs of the Graffiti Shield film solution came in under $2,300 per cab.

Training was provided for the entire maintenance group so that installation of damaged film can be coordinated internally.

LA Metro Case Study

LA Metro is the transit system based in LA with over 125 stations covering Los Angeles County. The system contains 2 underground lines and 4 above ground lines covering over 105 miles of track. Daily ridership is over 360k people.

Client Issue

Los Angeles Metro’s stations are clad in a stainless steel finish that is very susceptible to marring and aggressive vandalism. Stainless steel with a factory applied grain is very difficult to refinish once vandalized, and over 300k sq ft of surfaces required repair due to aggressive graffiti. Repair costs were estimated between $15M – $20M dollars for union labor to refinish the stainless steel surfaces, with an additional $2M installation of a clear anti-graffiti film to protect from future vandalism. This repair would have also required the closing of the entire station (and loss of revenue) due to the health and safety risk of airborne dust and metal debris created during the refinishing phase.

With cost clearly the largest issue, clear anti-graffiti films installed to a stainless steel finish posed an additional challenge to Los Angeles Metro. Final installation of clear anti-graffiti films allows visibility of the inevitably uneven refinished surface through the film. Traditional anti-graffiti films can also be very difficult to remove from a stainless steel surface when/if replacement is required; and the clear sacrificial layer may not withstand an overly aggressive vandalism attempt, requiring removal, refinishing, and/or replacement. To properly account for this risk, an additional $2.5M annual maintenance budget would need to be established to remove and replace the clear film as future vandalism occurred.

Graffiti Shield Solution

It quickly became evident that refinishing the stainless steel surface and applying a sacrificial clear protective layer was not a viable solution for Los Angeles Metro. To resolve the issue, the R&D team at Graffiti Shield Inc. were tasked to engineeran opaque product that would replicate the look of stainless steel, install like a traditional anti-graffiti film, and utilize an adhesive that would cleanly release from the surface.

Metal Shield, a 6-mil thick graffiti abatement and obscuring film is installed over a damaged stainless steel surface; replicating its original, clean appearance. Metal Shield protects the substrate from future damage while covering up any existing vandalism. Metal Shield utilizes a proprietary adhesive system engineered to withstand removal attempts by the general public, but easily removed by a trained technician without leaving any adhesive transfer on the metal surface.

Upon initiation of a pilot program, an additional challenge arose. Precut film pieces with unique part numbers for quick and easy identification and replacement were required; enabling Graffiti Shield to efficiently conduct proper maintenance each month and allowing Los Angeles Metro to call out part numbers as specific vandalism events occurred. As a solution, Graffiti Shield utilized Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to assign and engrave part numbers into each piece of installed film and to date. There are over 23,000 SKU’s and templates that encompass the Los Angeles Metro stainless steel cladding.

Project Outcome

Los Angeles Metro’s internal research deemed that the option to use a stainless steel anti-graffiti skin to overlay damaged cladding provided significant cost savings over metal refinishing and clear film installation. As a result, Los Angeles Metro awarded Graffiti Shield a $20M contract to service all 100+ stations on a monthly service cycle; balancing out to approximately 42% replacement.

Since the stations are constantly inspected and maintained, the entertainment and advertising industry has increased utilization of Los Angeles Metro for movie shoots and television commercials.

The overall improvement to the stations’ appearance has led to an enhanced feeling of safety and a greater sense of pride for the patrons as a whole; and the best compliment is that many don’t even know that Metal Shield is there.

Ross Dresses Windows for Less Graffiti

Ross in Trussville, AL awarded Graffiti-Shield a graffiti-abatement project that required the installation of 350 sq ft 6-Mil Glass Shield with 50 sq ft of 3M Frost. Following the quick, one-day installation, Ross stores are now specifying graffiti films on their locations across the country.  

Graffiti Shield Inc. Applies Custom Shield to TOBY Nominee Elevators

When the US Bank Building in Los Angeles Ca. was being inspected from head to tail for The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) award, they called upon Graffiti Shield to produce a Gloss Black version of Custom Shield films to revitalize the wear and tear on their elevators.  Utilizing our pre-cut pattern system, installation took only about 20 min per elevator; leaving them looking brand new with a removable and replaceable film system.

Graffiti-Shield Inc. Awarded Graffiti-Abatement Contract with Dallas Area Rapid Transit

DART anti-graffiti filmGraffiti vandals are not slowing down in their efforts to ‘leave their mark’ on public transit across the country; a challenge with which public transportation providers are all too familiar. Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) faced many of the common issues caused by graffiti vandals and did not want to see decreased ridership or risk the potential negative perception of an unsafe environment. To overcome these issues, Graffiti Shield Inc. was contracted to install 3M 1004 Multi-Ply anti-graffiti film to 106 cars with over 7500 windows.

“The use of public transportation is on the rise and more and more cities are investing in their public transportation systems,” says Dan Alvarez, Transit Sales Rep for Graffiti- Shield Inc. “Unfortunately, as use increases so does vandalism. Costly replacement for the multitude of surfaces that are being tagged or etched is not an option for our customers. They need a solution that is streamlined, cost-effective and in some cases – invisible.”

The DART contract adds to the growing list of similar contracts held by Graffiti Shield. Offering graffiti abatement films that cover surfaces from glass to stainless steel, Graffiti Shield has rapidly become an expert in the surface protection industry. “We’ve covered elevators, escalators, menu screens, and tabletops – but mass transit is by far the most affected” confirms Alvarez.

Simplify Necessary Messaging & Safety Items While Protecting Your Property

How many hours are spent placing, removing and replacing necessary messaging and safety items on your rolling stock? Add to that the cost of graffiti/vandalism repair and it can really start to take a toll on your bottom line. Graffiti Shield Inc has introduced a solution that simplifies both challenges. We can now print required messages, safety items, transit maps, and advertising directly to our graffiti abatement film line, streamlining installation while keeping compliance information consistent and saving on the costs of  emergency exit, handicap, and other special messages stickers. Custom printing is available with Glass Shield 4-Mil, 6-Mil, Mirror Shield, Metal Shield Stainless Steel/Brushed Aluminum, and Custom Shield films.

Printed Films Project Feature: LA DOT

LA DOT faced a dilemma in which they had a multitude of stickers being placed in specific places  on their emergency exit and handicap windows. The windows are constantly getting vandalized, and although they were protected with anti-graffiti films, replacement occurred often which in turn required endless replacement of the necessary stickers. By printing the necessary messages directly onto the Glass Shield film, LA DOT saved on time and printing costs for the printing and installation of the stickers, and bored passengers weren’t able to peel them off!


New Yorkers remove swastikas, hate speech from MTA subway car

A passenger on the 1 train removes a


Nu Vue Window Films Custom Shield Installation

Graffiti Shield and Nu Vue Window Films recently completed a Custom Shield surface protection project in the San Diego area. The client needed a custom film made to match the new powder coated panels to protect from vandalism and surface scratching. Since nothing existed, Graffiti Shield made a color matched top coat material and laminated it to our Custom Shield removable film to make a 6 Mil Custom Shield. The building was surveyed, part numbered, and designed to have all panels fit with a 1/16 tolerance. Installation took 3 days to do over 350 panels on the ground level up to 10 ft off the ground. 


Thanks to Nu Vue Window Films for working with us on creating this great product for their client.

You can reach Nu Vue Window Films at or 619-994-2882

3M Multi Layer Anti Graffiti Films now available at Graffiti Shield.

ML1004 Peel Back3M 1004 Multi-Layer film is a state of the art stacked anti-graffiti film that allows the user to peel away etching or vandalism up to four times per unit. This means quicker removal of vandalism and less time in the publics eyes. The multi-layer is available in precut only and is custom cut to your specifications. Our converting system allows for very clean edge cutting within .001 of an inch and stepped edges for easy removal of each layer.

The multi-layer can be used on many applications including:

-Transit buses interior windows

-Light rail and subway trains interior windows3m_Logo_03

-Fuel pump screens

-Bathroom mirrors

-Ticket vending machines

-ATM machines

-Parking meters

-And custom applications

Graffiti Shield, Inc. is an authorized dealer of 3M Window Films. Visit our Multi-Layer page for more info and to get a free quote for your project.

Multi Layer Stepped Edge 2 Fuel Pump Screen Electric Bus


Metal Shield Stainless Steel Capabilities

Elevator Metal Shield Stainless Steel (Half Done)Here is a perfect picture of a recent install showing Graffiti Shield’s new Metal Shield Stainless Steel in action. This elevator is in a transit system that has been buffing and cleaning the metal so much, the metal lost all its luster. With Metal Shield Stainless Steel, it looks brand new and gives a beautiful look of cleanliness and care for their elevators. The best thing of all, is it cost them 10% of redoing the elevator completely.

This client needed to clean up their elevators and achieve a safe environment. Graffiti Shield also added custom printed elevator certificate info and a new No Smoking sign. A great add on and benefit. Printing can be done to show emergency notices, system maps, no smoking, notices, or just add a decorative look.

All the metal panels were measured, CAD designed, part numbered, and installed with minimal efforts. All the glass was also measured, CAD designed, part numbered, and installed with Glass Shield 6-Mil. Making the entire cab a turn key system for reordering and reinstallation after a vandalism event.

To find a dealer or receive further info, please visit us at or call us at (714)575-1100.

Announcing Metal Shield Stainless Steel

Metal Shield SS Peel Back

Graffiti-Shield Inc. Launches New Metal Shield Stainless Steel August 19, 2016 – Anaheim, CA.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. is proud to announce its newest and most innovative product yet. Metal Shield Stainless Steel 6-Mil Anti-Graffiti film is a new product that matches 304 stainless steel and has a #4 brushed finish. “We listened and created this brand new one of a kind product for a near perfect match to nearly all the elevators and escalators in the world”, says Jeffrey Green, CEO of Graffiti Shield. “Creating this film was a long and tedious process, but the final product is simply beautiful.” Says Michael Schuch, President of Graffiti Shield. The ultimate goal was to create a film that fits our customers’ needs and opens doors for many new opportunities. This one of a kind film will be a great addition to the already innovative products Graffiti Shield offers. Graffiti Shield wanted a film to look so clean and professional, a high end hotel or building would use with no hesitation. During the testing phase we actually sold and installed the new Metal Shield Stainless Steel to a JW Marriot’s elevator cabs and floor entrances with great success and high accolades. Metal Shield Stainless Steel is available in 60” wide rolls and in precut and is in stock.

About Graffiti-Shield Inc.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. produces multiple lines of graffiti abatement films that protect property and prevent damage for clients in mass transit, property management, retail, entertainment, gas stations, universities and sports stadiums. Glass Shield™, Metal Shield™, Mirror Shield_and other Custom Shield films are sold exclusively through Graffiti Shield, Inc.

Metal Shield Choices     Metal Shield Stainless Steel Elevator Entrance

Vandalism In Elevators

Looking to restore an elevator?

By Arturs Grablevskis

Elevator BeforeWith Graffiti problems on the rise, all kinds of property managers from coast to coast are facing an unforeseen form of damage called Aggressive Graffiti. The practice includes the use of a sharp object like keys, carbide drill bit, knife, and even sand paper. Some vandals are even using a mixture of acid and white shoe polish to make their etching stand out once it dries. Elevators, for example, are enclosed spaces that allow a vandal do their damage with privacy and plenty of time. They vandalize the doors, side panels, and cab front directly by carving into the metal surface. Time is a key factor here and if you are not able to quickly react to the problem and repair the surface, you are risking further damage.

We are all familiar with the situation of a ‘postponed for a later’ action that never actually begins. A good example would be an oil change for your car. Feels important enough to do it right now, but you continue to use your car every day with less important tasks and defer the oil change for a later time. Or how many of us would associate an April 15th with the “OMG, I forgot to file my taxes” day? Usually, procrastination takes place until the ’last minute‘ before a deadline. How long would you tolerate graffiti in elevator before deciding to actually repair it? Waiting for too long may put you at risk of getting used to it and stop noticing how bad it became. But do your customers notice? Most likely, yes, since they do not see the damage each and every day.

“Research from the Pacific Partners Consulting Group found that every $1 in deferred maintenance costs $4 of capital renewal needs in the future.”

Risk of getting used to graffiti in an elevator is one cost. But the real cost could be way higher. Research from the Pacific Partners Consulting Group found that every $1 in deferred maintenance costs $4 of capital renewal needed in the future. Which is very logical since less preventative maintenance on your systems shortens their life cycle by as much as one-third. Emergency repairs are way costlier than the planned ones and are more of a nuisance.

All this vandalism can be fixed by spending many hours resurfacing the area by re graining the stainless steel and hoping to get the matching result. On average it takes about sixty minutes to resurface one square foot of damage. To perform the repair, you would need to close down each elevator for several hours depending on the amount of damage done due to metal and glass particles produced by resurfacing. But the worst thing that happens then is a new vandalism event on that newly repaired surface. While this is not something factored, it is a normal occurrence that starts the whole cycle over again. The best advice in any vandalism situation is to take care of it sooner than later. The Broken Window Theory is clearly the same in this situation. If one window is broken on a building, then it is considered OK to break more. The time is a key factor in protecting your property from being tagged over and over again. If you are not able to quickly react to the problem and repair the surface, you will get new tags.

On Picture 1 you see an elevator that takes you from the parking garage to the campus of a well-known university. Ironically is that this is the first impression parents will have when they take their kids to university for the first time. Imagine standing there and holding your daughters hand knowing that this will be her new home. I would feel at least worried, but also would question myself if this is a safe place for my kids or is it well maintained? These are not the questions parents should have to wonder about during their first visit.

Elevator NumberingGraffiti Shield has come up with a brilliant solution to prevent or cover up these permanent unsightly forms of defacement. We have created the technology to cover up the vandalism with a thick anti-graffiti film that matches the surface your covering. Here’s how it works. All panels are measured, CAD drawings designed with unique part numbers, and catalogued so that if any pieces were to get damaged after initial install, someone from maintenance can just order a particular part by number and then reinstallation could occur. The upfront investment of measuring and design is a one-time cost, but the reoccurring replacement panels will be simple and quick for your client and staff to replace and look new again.

There are many coatings available to resist traditional vandalism and make it easy to remove paint, markers, and the like. There are also spray on coatings that can be applied to a vandalized area, but most give you a repaired look, they are messy, and as a rule they are not removable in most cases. The newest solution is a removable surface protection film. These films can be clear for glass, in a stainless steel look, a mirror or custom color finish to match the surface they are covering. Metal Shield is a 6MIL Stainless Steel or Brushed Aluminum mimicking film; this film can be used as the pro-active solution to protect brand new surfaces or as the reactive solution to repair/mask any existing damage like graffiti, scratches, rust, corrosion, stains, and even previously repaired dents. The Metal Shield films have a special hard coat that is resistant to paint and acid and only need a replacement if it has been aggressively vandalized.

“Elevator panel replacement cost may reach up to $1500 or polishing that can cost over $225 per panel compared to a Metal Shield panel can cost under a $100.”

Agencies of today must start budgeting for dealing with aggressive vandalism before it grows out of hand and is too late. Most companies with whom we have been discussing this problem have some sort of budget for traditional vandalism, but not aggressive. However, it may be too costly to budget elevator panel replacement that could easily cost up to $1500 per panel or polishing with costs that start at $225 per panel compared to a Metal Shield panel that costs under $100. Metal Shield by far is the best cost and quickest way to surface repair. Normal panels take less than 5 minutes to replace.

We have a nationwide dealer network to support any size installation needed, or dedicated staff to help train your staff on all the installation needs they may have.

If these are products that you would like to learn more about, please contact us to get samples and more information. (714) 575-1100.

Graffiti Shield Adds 3rd CNC Cutting Line

CNC Lines 1-3

Graffiti-Shield Inc. Adds 3rd CNC Cutting Line      August 9, 2016 – Anaheim, CA.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. has just installed and launched its third CNC Cutting line to its lineup. This larger more industrial cutting system will give Graffiti Shield, Inc. and its clients more options for its traditional precut services of Graffiti Shield products by adding faster, even more precise cutting. “This new CNC now allows for Graffiti Shield to begin offering precut converting for non-Graffiti Shield products.” Says Jeffrey Green, CEO of Graffiti Shield, Inc. “Soon we will be launching a complete system for window film companies to use our services in precutting medium to large commercial projects.” Says Michael Schuch, President of Graffiti Shield, Inc. The plan is to take precise measurements from the client, design, precut, box using Graffiti Shield supplied products or customer supplied materials, then ship to the client’s project or place of business. The new CNC will cut thin solar films and thick safety films well over 21-Mil. This new service will broaden the reach of Graffiti Shield, Inc. to many more opportunities and its total services.

The idea came from a customers need to precut a 15-Mil safety film project for a school. The project had over 200 windows varying in size with arches with many the same size and some arches. CAD drawings were done and the complete project was cut in less than a day. Each piece dropped into the frame saving lots of material, but best of all it saved over 1 ½ days onsite by allowing for an installer to install rather than cut material. It was also unique that no cutting blades were ever needed on any of the windows on site.

About Graffiti-Shield Inc.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. produces multiple lines of graffiti abatement films that protect property and prevent damage for clients in mass transit, property management, retail, entertainment, gas stations, universities and sports stadiums. Glass Shield™, Metal Shield™, Mirror Shield_and other custom films are sold exclusively through Graffiti Shield, Inc.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. Acquires Wide Format Printer

Wide Format Printer

Graffiti-Shield Inc. Acquires Wide Format Printer July 26, 2016 – Anaheim, CA.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. has just installed its first large format printer for printing on multiple substrates. “Adding printing services will expand our capabilities and change the dynamics of the anti-graffiti film climate.” Says Michael Schuch President of Graffiti Shield, Inc. “Offering printing to our substrates allows for marketing budgets to be used to fund graffiti abatement programs.” Says Jeffrey Green CEO of Graffiti Shield, Inc.

This new market of printing on our Glass Shield, Mirror Shield and Metal Shield is exciting and will take anti-graffiti films to a whole new level of possibilities. Graffiti Shield, Inc. can now offer many new benefits from storefront advertising on Glass Shield, elevator graphics printed on Metal Shield, and bathroom mirror advertising and messaging on Mirror Shield. Having our printing in house also allows for deeper discounts on an already great repeatable product.

About Graffiti-Shield Inc.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. produces multiple lines of graffiti abatement films that protect property and prevent damage for clients in mass transit, rolling stock, property management, retail, entertainment, gas stations, universities and sports stadiums. Glass Shield™, Metal Shield™, Mirror Shield_and other custom films are sold exclusively through Graffiti Shield, Inc.

Magicland Dentistry (Remove Restoration) Mirror Shield Printed Sample Hand Washing 4 Printed Mirror Shield-Tattoo Shop

Gold Line Extension and Expo Line Extension Completed

Gold Line Extension

Graffiti Shield just completed the newest extensions for Expo Line and Gold Line for LA Metro. Glass Shield and Metal Shield were applied to all accessible surfaces to protect from vandalism. There is thirteen additional stations in total added the two lines. In total the line added 23k square feet of surfaces and 4k new part numbers. This brings over 25 thousand unique part numbers to the system.

LA Metro Gold and Expo Line Press Release 7.5.16

Printed Mirror and Glass Shield

Mirror Shield Printed Sample Hand WashingIntroducing printed Mirror Shield and Glass Shield. Now you can print on Mirror Shield and Glass Shield and install for all to see. The printing broadens the uses of Mirror Shield and Glass Shield in many ways. Now you can take a vandalized mirror and add printing to it without replacing it. Some ideas are:

-Decorative picture to match your business’s theme

-Announcements for new products

-Slogan or Logo to brand your property

-Notices to employees (Must Wash Hands) and patrons (Don’t Drink and Drive)

-Upcoming specials for holidays and or decorations for holidays

-Taxi or designated driver programs (Uber/Lift/Etc.)

The list is endless for possibilities. Better yet, this moves marketing funds to help pay for maintenance from vandalism.

Contact us today to see how Graffiti Shield can make your business look even better.

Meow Tattoo Denver CO Printed Mirror Shield (Scottish WT) Mirror Shield Printed Sample Beer In Ice 2 20160211_145035



LEED White Papers For Graffiti Shield Window Films and Abatement Solutions


 CONTACT:      Jeffrey Green

714.575.1100 /

Graffiti-Shield Inc. LEED Credit White Papers May 10, 2016 – Anaheim, CA.

Glass Shield Peel BackObtaining LEED Credits to earn LEED Accreditation is getting harder and harder. While there are many products in the marketplace that offer energy reduction and helps make the world a more sustainable place to live and work. Now there is another way to obtain crucial points on a LEED project. Newly published white papers shows the benefits of using the Graffiti Shield products to protect surfaces from vandalism and natural wear and tear. By applying the Graffiti Shield products you not only protect the surfaces from unsightly damage, but instead of replacing or resurfacing, you can simply replace the protective material.

The white papers outline what areas a project can use its products on and how they fit into the overall LEED Accreditation program. “Having a tool like this for our end customers and partner network was key in getting the products specified in new areas and existing building projects. With more and more architects and designers using high end finishes in populated areas, the need has grown tremendously for our products.” says Jeffrey Green, CEO of Graffiti Shield, Inc. “By simply applying our products to your glass surfaces, elevators, stairways, signs, granite facades, and restroom mirrors and stalls, you ultimately make the property last longer and maintain the look of a new finish while not having the need to replace or refinish them. This is key since the Graffiti Shield products require less embodied energy to produce than replacing the substrate material. This in turn places less waste in our landfills and helps maintain a green environment.”

Metal Shield Peel BackAbout Graffiti-Shield Inc.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. produces multiple lines of graffiti abatement films that protect property and prevent damage for clients in mass transit, property management, retail, entertainment, gas stations, universities and sports stadiums. Glass Shield™, Metal Shield™, Mirror Shield™ and other Custom Shield™ films are sold exclusively through Graffiti Shield, Inc.

Co-Branded Marketing Platform

Costco San Diego Mirror Shield (Nu-Vue)Graffiti Shield is announcing our new Co-Branded Marketing platform. Graffiti Shield and its dealers now have a way to share photos of before and after projects. With the unique properties of the Graffiti Shield film line up, it is a great way for showcasing some great installations and new surfaces to protect. The best part is that the photos will be available to the dealers thru the Client Support Portal and to commercial clients who would like to see different applications they can use on their properties. To request more information, please contact us at or (714) 575-1100.


LAMTA One Gateway Custom Shield (Xlnt Tint)Belle Hotel and Casino Baton Rouge LA Custom Shield (Solar Solutions)

Outback Chooses Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield Peel Back

Mirror Shield Peel Back

After Mirror Shield Installation

After Mirror Shield Installation








Mirror Shield was recently installed on 15 Southern California Outback Steakhouses to cover up vandalism and mirror corrosion. They chose Mirror Shield over replacing the mirrors to save money and make the fix a quick and smooth operation. The restaurants were replacing mirrors in the men’s restrooms 3 to 4 time a year and the women’s 1 to 2 times a year. The women’s restrooms does not always have vandalism, but instead had the more corrosion.

Graffiti Shield’s unique process of measuring, designing CAD files, assigning part numbers, and pre cutting on their CNC’s was a deciding factor in choosing Mirror Shield. Now they can reorder by store and part number that is engraved into the Mirror Shield piece.
To order Mirror Shield for your business, please visit or email our sales department at or call us at (714) 575-1100.
Mirror Shield can be installed by your staff. Graffiti Shield offers instructional videos and all the tools necessary to complete your install. You can also use one of our authorized dealers to do all the steps for you. Graffiti Shield has over 50 nationwide authorized dealers to shield your needs.

Before Mirror Shield

Before Mirror Shield

After Mirror Shield Installation

After Mirror Shield Installation

Mirror Before Mirror Shield

Mirror Before Mirror Shield

Mirror With Mirror Shield

Mirror With Mirror Shield

Nu-Vue Window Films Completes Metal Shield and Glass Shield Elevator Installation

Nu-Vue Window Films from San Diego just completed a elevator Metal Shield and Glass Shield project. The project consisted of covering vandalized and surface damaged stainless steel panels on three sides of the cab and installation of Glass Shield to the glass back of the cab.
For detailed info on Nu-Vue Window Films, please visit  Nu-Vue WIndow Films

Nu-Vue Window Films

Elevator Before Metal Shield

Elevator After Metal Shield

Happy Holidays from Graffiti Shield!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Graffiti Shield!

As the holiday approaches, we’d like to take this time to ask that you help us donate to some amazing causes this year. We will have donation boxes next door (Xlnt Tint’s lobby) for Operation Warm Wishes and the OC Animal Shelter.

There’s so many families and animals that could use your help! If you can spare anything in the attached lists, we’d be so appreciative.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!




Window Film Magazine Awards – 10/21/15

With Graffiti Shield being a new and upcoming company, we never expected to grow as much as we did in the past year. Every year Window Film Magazine ranks the top 10 dealers in the US in terms of growth, revenue, and film usage. We are honored to be apart of that list this year ranking in the top 10 of several categories. Thank you to everyone who has helped us grow to this point.

The Top Dealers in the US – #2

Fastest Growers – #1

Leanest of the Branch – #4

Top 10 Commercial Film Dealerships – #1





Source: Window Film Magazine – Sept/Oct 2015

Graffiti Hits Town Budget – 10/12/15

Town Council members of Jackson Hole, Wyoming quickly learned that graffiti vandalism of any kind is no casual issue since a graffiti tag on its bus facility building is costing the city $45,000 to fix the problem. Public Works director Larry Pardee said that with a $13 million facility and building, the price may seem small but city officials know it hits the budget hard. This is yet another example as to how everyone pays for this crime as that money will come from tax payers. Incidents like this can make all of us curious how much money we put out every year in our own communities to fix tags in all places. Even in private businesses, the costs of removing or repairing graffiti, whether paint or etching, comes right out of the prices we all pay for goods and services. It is a crime on many fronts.

Source: Graffiti Hits Budget

IWFC Update! – 10/2/15

Day 2 and 3 of the IWFC is going amazing! We were interviewed by Film’d TV for Window Film Magazine and we had the opportunity to go on stage with Jack Welch to talk about our company. What an honor! As we finish wrapping up at the conference, come by and see us at booth 97!

IMG_2460 IMG_5130

Video of GS presenting at IWFC

Fantastic First Day at IWFC – 10/1/2015

Graffiti Shield had a great first day at the IWFC in Reno. As a sponsor and new participant this year we went hoping to simply get our name and materials out in the field. Even after day one we’ve beyond succeeded at that. Our day was spent talking to others in the field and networking.

We are ready to go for day 2 now! Come by and see us in booth 97!



Day 1 of IWFC! – 9/30/15

Graffiti Shield is ready to go at the International Window Film Conference in Reno, NV. Stop by booth 97 to say hi!


GS at the IWFC! – 9/29/15

Come by and see us at booth 97 at the International Window Film Conference in Reno, NV!


Graffiti Shield will be attending the IWFC! – 9/24/15

Graffiti Shield is please to announce that we will be attending the International Window Film Conference as a sponsor! The event will take place from September 30th through October 2nd in Reno, NV. We will be in booth 97! Come by and take a look at all of our products!

Source: Graffiti Shield at IWFC

Atlanta Streetcars Vandalized – 9/23/15

Recent security camera footage shows a person of interest to Atlanta police for graffiti. The criminal broke into the streetcar maintenance barn and spray painted along the sides of three streetcars. This all happened without being caught by the security guard on duty. There is a reward out for any information leading to an arrest.


Source: Atlanta Streetcars Vandalized

Benefits of Metal Shield on a Stairway – 9/22/15

Metal Shield is a 6.5ml thick film we can apply to any flat surface to mimic the look of stainless steel. This film protects the original surface by taking the damage from vandalism. The best part, is when it’s tagged, we just replace it and the surface looks clean and new again. Over the years we’ve noticed that this can actually deter graffiti on the surface. By replacing it frequently, you’re discouraging the “artists” who want to leave their mark. Metal Shield is just one of the many products we carry to help combat graffiti.

Before 1 Before 2

Before the installation of Metal Shield at LA MTA PGL Soto station.

After 2

After the initial install of Metal Shield

Before 3

Tagging on Metal Shield

After 1

Metal Shield replaced and all tags are now removed

Security Camera Catches Vandal – 9/21/15

A Tucson property owner was able to identify five graffiti vandals that made a mess of his building last week thanks to his security camera. However, it’s a problem he’s tired of having managing.  He estimates that vandals have done over hundred of dollars of damage. He also pointed out some additional challenges that are frustrating. First, most people mistakenly think graffiti is a victim-less crime, but he is an example of how that thinking is wrong.  Also, most cities only have clean up funds available for public properties which leaves private business owners on their own. This Tucson incident is just one example of the ongoing problem of graffiti in all communities across the country, both in large and small towns.

Source: Security Camera Catches Vandals

Another Bystander Shot Over Graffiti – 9/18/15

Another person was shot due to graffiti. In Pueblo, Colorado a man ran outside after hearing his building being tagged and confronted the taggers only to be shot by them.  This sad event shows the continual problems in all communities that result from any sort of graffiti whether it involves paint, breakage or etching. It also re-enforces the instructions by police to people in all communities to never confront taggers and to just immediately call law enforcement to report the activity.

Source: Homeowner Shot Over Graffiti

Boy Shot Over Graffiti – 9/17/15

A boy was shot and killed in the city of Compton for spray painting over already existing graffiti. The police suspect the incident to be gang related. The two shooters chased the young boy in their car until catching up with him before the fatal ending.  This is yet another tragic lesson in the association of graffiti and gang violence in our cities that is a growing danger. It can threaten our safety wherever any forms of graffiti exist whether it be paint, etching or any other type of vandal messaging.

Source: Boy Shot in Compton

Little Girl Takes a Stand Against Graffiti – 9/16/15

An 11 year old Missouri girl showed the community how to stand up against harmful and hurtful graffiti.  After an anti-police graffiti graphic involving a gun pointed towards a police officer was created and displayed, the little girl decided to do something special to counteract the graffiti message. She wrote a thank you letter to the police for their work to protect her and the community. Sometimes it takes the courage of a child to show the rest of us that we cannot allow graffiti to be passively tolerated in any city at any time.

Source: Anti Police Graffiti

Racist Graffiti – 9/15/15

Graffiti vandalism sends so many unwanted messages to innocent people beyond the actual visible elements of the graffiti themselves.  That is something that areas of San Francisco are experiencing. Racist-type graffiti has been surfacing in various locations in the Bay City.  Graffiti alone is bad enough to deal with by itself, but when racist components are involved, the damages really grow. In fact, the tagging incidents mentioned are being investigated as hate crimes. It is yet another example of the escalating costs of all kinds of graffiti across all markets and societies

Source: Racist Graffiti in the Bay Area

High Profile Artist Arrested – 7/21/15

A well-known graffiti artist from California is being charged in Detroit for vandalizing some properties. Shepard Fairey was brought to Detroit to paint a large mural on a building when he allegedly vandalized 14 different buildings with his posters. This artist is best known for his iconic Obama “Hope” poster and is hired by many cities to paint murals. He was arrested at LAX after returning home from Europe and held overnight while LA and Detroit communicated on what to do. Fairey was released the next morning and has said he is going to turn himself over to Detroit authorities. This is just another example of the challenge that all markets and communities face in dealing with the differing attitudes toward graffiti, those that view it as art and then those people who see it as a growing and costly vandalism problem that hurts everyone.

Source: Shepard Fairey Arrested

New Camera Software Catches Vandal – 7/13/15

Police in Hamilton, Ontario have arrested two men after security cameras caught them vandalizing a train and then taking a selfie in front of it. The GO Transit station recently installed new security cameras that have facial recognition software. Once they were seen in the cameras, their faces were sent to officers who responded and arrested them while still on site. The two men now face a charge of mischief under $5,000. This is just one of many ways that property owners have recognized the huge cost of graffiti and how technology can help them stop it in its tracks.

Source: Face Recognition Camera

Increase in Graffiti Leads to an Increase in Police – 1/7/15

Police in Metford, Oregon are finding a stunning increase in graffiti. Reports of tagging went from 15 in October and 32 in November to 104 in December. They believe the spike was caused by the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. Most graffiti is being identified from local gangs, but they carry a message of hatred for police. The police hope the spike to drop once school is back in session.

Source: Increase in Graffiti

Stunning Graffiti Murals Transform Village – 10/20/14

The ancient village of Er-Riadh is location on the island of Djerba, which is part of the African nation, Tunisia. Due to it’s religious peace and age, it’s become one of Tunisia’s most popular tourist destinations. Recently, 150 artists from 30 different countries came to the island and transformed the walls into works of art. The Djerbahood project, which is dedicated in profiling street artist’s work, hopes that these pieces of art can bridge Er-Riadh’s heritage to future development.

djberbahood2Malakkaispain djberbahood4ROABelgium djberbahood6Dan23france djberbahood7AddFuelportugal djberbahood14Bom.Kfrance erwetwt4555jpnn

Source: Er-Riadh’s Graffiti Murals

TAGS 2014 – 10/17/14

The Annual TAGS (The Anti Graffiti Symposium) conference for 2014 is being held and hosted by the Halifax Regional Municipality and Halifax Regional Police. This conference is drawing police from all over Canada to attend. The point of the conference is to discuss graffiti removal costs. Other topics include how to respond quicker to graffiti incidents and different methods of removing the graffiti. For more information, please visit the TAGS homepage.

Source: TAGS 2014

LA Graffiti Artist Uses the Homeless as Backdrops – 10/16/14

A graffiti artist from Los Angeles has started incorporating the homeless from Skid Row into his pieces. The artist, Skid Robot, works solo or with his partners to spray paint backdrops behind some of the homeless in the area. Most of the graffiti depicts wants like money or technology, but some portray them in comfortable rooms. That’s something these people do not have nor have access to. Skid Robot always asks for permission if the person is around, and he will leave them with some money and even a care package. His care packages have food and toiletries for each person. While his art is vandalism, his hope is to open the eyes of the public to the homeless. Anyone can follow his Instagram to see what his latest pieces are.

115 025 samsung-273-copy009 jw kcp-095

Source: Street Art and the Homeless

LAMTA’s Expo Construction at 70% – 10/15/14

Construction to expand the Expo Line from Culver City to Santa Monica is on schedule and about 70% done. As of now they are working on street improvements, crossings, and laying down all the track needed for the 7 new stations. Contractors can begin testing as early as January of 2015. Once all the construction is complete the LAMTA will take over to preform all it’s track testing and set an open date.


Source: Expo Construction 70% Complete

LAMTA’s Blue Line Home Stretch! – 10/14/14

The 4 downtown Long Beach Blue Line stations are in their home stretch of construction this week. Everything is on schedule and the stations will reopen on Monday the 20th for service.


Source: In the home stretch

Famed Tattoo and Graffiti Artist Murdered – 10/13/14

Michael Christopher Pebley, better known as Trigz, was gunned down last week in North Hollywood. After getting into an argument with another man he was shot near his store. Meanwhile the suspect got away in a white car. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the police. Trigz is known not only as a famous tattoo artist, but for his graffiti as well. His unique art style had him in and out of jail since the 80’s, but it made him one of the veterans in the graffiti world.

Source: Trigz Gunned Down

High Profile Graffiti Artist Arrested – 10/10/14

New York City police have arrested Adam Cole after he was spotted carrying an extendable pole with paint on it. Nearby was a freshly painted tag. Cole, who is known as “Cost” was the city’s most prolific graffiti artist in the 1990’s. He has been arrested an additional 9 times this year. He was released on bail and awaits his trial.


Source: Cost Arrested

Philly Mural Arts Program – 10/9/14

The Mural Arts Program started in Philadelphia in 1984 as part of the cities Anti-Graffiti Network. With graffiti removal requests jumped from 1,000 in 2010 to 7,500 in 2013, the program is now providing street artists space to create and showcase their art rather than vandalize the city. The director of the program is also a Penn State professor. She is working with her students in selecting street artists for the murals. From there, the street artists can invite almost anyone to help paint the murals. Likewise, the Penn State students work with local high schools and community groups to design the murals. The goal is to give space to the street artists rather than leaving them to vandalize someone’s property.


Source: Mural Arts Program

Graffiti on the Rise in NYC – 10/8/14

Graffiti in New York City isn’t anything new. It’s an “broken windows” indicator about the quality of a neighborhood, but now it seems to be spreading almost overnight. While arrests for graffiti rose 4% during the year, it’s not stopping the amount of graffiti popping up. Graffiti-Free NYC has a partnership with the city to clean up the vandalism and over the past 6 years have cleaned 170 million square feet and 82,644 incidents of graffiti. However, even coupled with the city’s 311 reporting system and the NYPD, it’s still not enough to battle the rise.


Source: NYC Graffiti

Graffiti Vandal Jailed – 10/7/14

A graffiti vandal in Halesowen, England has finally been jailed. Creagan Piesley has been on a tagging spree for the past 3 years and was sentenced to 25 weeks in jail after admitting to his crimes. A council has estimated that his spree in 2013 alone, cost taxpayers £6,000 in addition to what the community was already paying for damaged private and public spaces to be cleaned up.

Source: Graffiti Vandal in UK Jailed

Voyage to Vietnam Graffiti on Display – 10/6/14

In 1967, as many as 5,000 troops boarded the USNS General Nelson Walker. For 2 weeks they sailed to Vietnam for war. Since they were crammed so tightly in their quarters, most of the men wrote and doodled on the underside of the bunk above them. These bunks with graffiti were rescued from the ship before it was torn apart and are now being showcased at the Independence Seaport Museum at Penn’s Landing. This graffiti gives us insight as to the mindset and mentality of the soldiers while on their way to war.

vietnam_20141003_1562830604 vietnam_20141003_1674405075

Source: Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam

Updates from LAMTA’s Blue Line – 10/3/14

The Long Beach loop at the end of the Blue Line has been shut down for 2 weeks now. Maintenance to the 4 stations include new paint, tile, lighting, and canopies. MTA is also replacing tracks where needed and preforming rail inspections. The loop is still on schedule to re-open on October 19. Until then there are shuttle buses that will take you from the Anaheim station to any of the 4 closed stations (DTLB, 5th, 1st, and Pacific).

2014-9-28_canopy5th14 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Source: The Source Metro

LAMTA Breaks Ground for Connector – 10/2/14

The LAMTA held a groundbreaking ceremony on 9/30/14 to unveil it’s Regional Connector. The 1.9 mile underground light rail will link the Blue, Expo and Gold Lines, making for more use of the light rails through downtown LA. It also eliminates the need for passengers to transfer between light rails at the 7th and Metro station. The line should be completed in 2020 and when it’s done Metro will run trains from Long Beach to Azusa and from Santa Monica to East Los Angeles. This is just one of three other MTA projects that are no under construction.

093014jo3 093014jo7 093014jo12 regground30sept2014-6055-2 regground30sept2014-6134-edit regground30sept2014-6152-edit

Sources: The Source Metro, LA Times

Smartphone App for Reporting Graffiti – 10/1/14

Concord, CA has launched a smartphone app that will allow residents to report graffiti and other problems in the city. The app called, “Concord Civic Hero,” uses geo-tracking and pinpoints the location of the reported problem to the city department responsible for taking care of it. Graffiti, pot holes, abandoned vehicles, tree maintenance, and even leaking fire hydrants are among the options of issues to report. The app will help save residents time when reporting problems because they won’t have to figure out what department to report to.

Source: Concord Civic Hero

10 Graffiti Painters Arrested – 9/30/14

Police in Madrid, Spain have arrested 10 of the country’s most prolific graffiti painters. They are suspected of being responsible for over $760,000 worth of damage to subway trains. It has taken police 3 years to gather enough evidence and information in order to arrest the gang. The vandals work by stopping trains using security levers when not in view of cameras. Then in a span of 5 minutes they deface entire trains and leave.

Madrid Graffiti Painters Caught

German Graffiti Artist Killed by Train – 9/29/14

The body of one of Germany’s most prolific graffiti artists was found on the tracks after being hit by a Hamburg subway. Nearby, a freshly painted tag was found. Known as Oz, the man has been around since the early 90’s and has sprayed more that 120,000 across Germany. His tags are considered vandalism and art, depending on what part of the country you’re in.

Hamburg subway

Source: Hamburg Subway Kills Tagger

Train Surfer Killed While Tagging – 9/26/14

Queensland Police say that a man has died after train surfing on the Queensland Rail. The man was shown via CCTV footage to be surfing trains and tagging them. The man fell off the train and died. Trains services were stopped for a few hours while an investigation took place. The police want to remind everyone that the railway is not a playground and to exercise caution when around trains.

Source: Man Dies While Train Surfing

Graffiti Fines Dropped – 9/25/14

In Spain a council has written off a fine that was imposed on 6 young adults for vandalizing property with graffiti. The suspects were originally sentenced to pay €20,000 in fines, but it’s now been dropped. In exchange for dropping the fine, the suspects will remove over 300 tags around the town they were vandalizing.

Source: Graffiti Fines Dropped

Mural Unveiled – 9/24/14

A historical mural has now been unveiled on a wall that was once plagued with graffiti. The new artwork was designed to incorporate symbols linked to the history of that part of town. Now that it’s been opened up to the public for display, they hope that it’ll reduce graffiti in the area.


Source: The Meadows Mural

Graffiti Closes Station – 9/23/14

Police received several reports on September 18th that a graffiti artist was underneath a train. This caused services to be shut down at the Catford Station. Despite a search of the area, nobody was found. Trespassing on the railway is very dangerous and illegal. The incident is still being investigated at this time.


Source: Closure due to tagger


Graffiti Gallery – 9/22/14

The Princeton Photography Club is hoping to give the community the ability to see graffiti up close and admire it’s art form in a new gallery. Instead of simply seeing graffiti as you drive by it, viewers have the chance to study all it’s components and read the story that it tells. They hope to show the community the difference between street art and vandalism.

x_20140917_1010658029 x_20140917_1526860185 x_20140917_1830291296

Source: Graffiti Gallery

New Graffiti Ordinance Shows Decrease in Graffiti – 9/19/14

A 90 day education period in Burlington, NC for it’s new graffiti ordinance has ended, and now the abatement process begins. Under the new ordinance, residents have 10 days to clean up graffiti on their property before being issued a fine. After that the city will contract someone to clean it up for them at the owners expense. Residents were apprehensive since they didn’t ask for their property to be vandalized, but they noticed the quicker they clean it up, the less likely it come back. With the owners taking clean up into their own hands, the police have already noticed a drop in graffiti around town.


Source: Burlington Graffiti

Graffiti Focus Week in Hart – 9/18/14

Graffiti Focus Week runs next Monday through Friday in Hart and will be focusing of getting rid of target graffiti. Twice a year the city has a week dedicated to cleaning up the graffiti voted on by the community. While the nominated graffiti is removed, officials go around schools to educate children on the negative effects graffiti can have. This program has been ongoing for years now and has spread to neighboring towns. It’s shown a 36% drop in graffiti in the last year.


Source: Graffiti Focus Week

Bus Con!

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Keep Havin’ A Good Day! – 9/16/14

Residents around the Chicago area are finding a different type of graffiti. Tags saying, “Keep Havin’ A Good Day!” are popping up all over the city. While the tags are considered illegal, the residents want to know who it is spreading these positive messages and causing smiles.


Source: Positive Graffiti in Chicago

Are you at Bus Con?

Are you in Indianapolis at Bus Con? Stop by and see Graffiti Shield! Were in booth 718.

image (1024x768)

Trolley Museum Celebrates Graffiti! – 9/15/14

The “Burning of Kingston” event at the Trolley Museum this past weekend attracted fine art, train, and graffiti enthusiasts alike. The event housed tagged graffiti cars from over the past 30-40 years to show how graffiti has evolved. It even had a live graffiti event in which famous taggers from NYC flew in to demonstrate tagging a subway car. This event hopes to spread awareness of the graffiti being an art more than a burden to the eye.


Source: Burning of Kingston

Murals Help Beautify DC – 9/12/14

Walls and sides of buildings in most low income areas of Washington DC are defaced with graffiti. Now the city is paying the ex-taggers to paint murals over the graffiti. The ex-taggers are holding workshops for young artists and they are tackling the walls in DC to help make them bright and beautiful again. The hopes of the project is to show artists that they can create something beautiful and worth praising for in an area that is usually vandalized.


Source: Murals Help Beautify DC

Reno Businesses Slammed With Tags – 9/11/14

Around 30 businesses were tagged with graffiti over the weekend in Reno. Police responded to a call on Friday morning of suspects tagging storefronts. While patrolling the area, they found and arrested 3 people after they fled from police. Damages to the stores will cost the city around $5,000 to fix.

Source: Reno Business Tags

We’re back! — Graffiti Wall of China?

After a 9 month hiatus of posting daily graffiti news, we are back! Daily postings will resume once again!

The Great Wall of China is one of the most visited places on earth, and unfortunately, graffiti is starting to take over. Tourists wants to leave their mark rather than just take a picture. Signs and patrol officers try to keep the vandalism down, but it’s not really effective. Authorities have now set up free graffiti zones where visitors can scribble onto designated plastic sheets instead of into the wall. So far it’s working, although most are skeptical that it will eliminate the problem. Only time will tell.


Source: The Great Wall of Graffiti

We Are Honored!!! – 1/24/14

Graffiti Shield, Inc. has been awarded a first-of-its-kind contract with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to install and maintain patent-pending protective films covering approximately 900,000 square feet of stainless steel per year in an effort to minimize graffiti damage and improve the appearance and comfort within rail stations throughout Los Angeles over the next five years.

Jeff Green, CEO and co-founder of Graffiti Shield Inc. commented, “Graffiti damage in the Los Angeles area costs the public millions of dollars each year. The cumulative cost of glass restoration, graffiti removal, property repair and restoration, loss of property value and even loss of revenue can be overwhelming – and they’re on the rise.”

Mike Schuch, president and co-founder adds “Traditionally, it was paint on walls that we were up against, but over the years we started to see more types of surfaces being hit. Whether it was glass, mirrors or stainless steel, traditional solutions weren’t working because of the substrate’s structural nature so the damage became permanent. We had to create solutions that could diminish the destructive momentum graffiti generates.”

These solutions manifested through innovative use of thin-film technology into products such as Glass Shield, which provides protection layer between the glass and graffiti vandal and Metal Shield, a product that replicates the appearance of stainless steel and protects the structure from graffiti damage and etching.

Metro, Green and Schuch have a 15 year history of combatting graffiti together through an ongoing contract for glass protection in their train stations through another arm of their corporation, Xlnt Tint. Through this relationship and the need for a stainless steel solution, Graffiti Shield has introduced products that combat a graffiti issue that shows no signs of slowing down.

Press Release: Graffiti Shield Awarded Contract


Public is “Key” to Fighting – 1/23/14

In Somerton, AZ the mayor says the key to arresting taggers is the public’s increase in speaking up. The best way to combat graffiti is to say something about it. He has noticed that the more it’s reported, the quicker it gets taken down, and the cleaner the city stays. Anonymous tipping is helping lead the police to taggers.

Source: Public’s Help Needed

857 Graffiti Tags – 1/22/14

An Auckland man is facing charges for leaving over 857 graffiti tags around the New Zealand city. If found guilty in May he could face jail time. A nearby town recently put a man to prison for 14 months after he left 514 tags around the town, costing them over $100,000.


Source: 857 Tags

Ansonia Considers Graffiti Ordinance – 1/21/14

The town of Ansonia, CT is now considering an ordinance to target graffiti after residents claim to be losing property value. They are going to prohibit graffiti and start making those caught pay fines which will then pay for the removal of tags.

Source: New Haven Ordinance

Reverse Graffiti Rising – 1/20/14

Reverse graffiti is the act of tagging a message by cleaning it onto a surface. It’s done using a power washer, cleaning chemical and sometimes acid. As far as Vancouver is concerned it’s still graffiti and therefore still illegal. Young marketing firms use graffiti as an effective method of guerrilla marketing. GreenGraffiti is a Dutch marketing firm that has been successful in getting companies like Starbucks and Becks to advertise this way. Should it be illegal if it doesn’t harm the environment? Or is it the aesthetics that count?

stencil 2

Source: Reverse Graffiti

Graffiti Vandals Deface Plymouth Rock – 1/17/14

Vandals have defaced Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts and the surrounding area with spray paint. The words “Lies,” For a drug filled world,” and “Movement 32.” The rock which is engraved with the date of 1620 symbolizes the Pilgrims’ arrival to the USA.

5710081-large 5710082-large

Source: Plymouth Rock Defaced

Tagger Arrested in Santa Rosa – 1/16/14

Police arrested a 19 ear old man on suspicion of vandalism and marijuana cultivation. The man is believed to be responsible for at least 62 acts of vandalism in Santa Rosa over the past few months. “DABR” was arrested at his home after a search showed graffiti paraphernalia, firearms, and over 100 pounds of marijuana.


Source: DABR Arrested

NYC Subway Graffiti Out of Control – 1/15/14

“They’re like cockroaches…” is what transit authorities are saying. Since New Years Day more than two dozen subway cars have been vandalized. Murals and boastful tags are now covering trains running though New York. These sprees are now going to add to the already $1 million/year budget to remove the graffiti from the trains.


Source: NYC MTA Deals With Graffiti Spree

Mysterious Graffiti Recognized by Author’s Widow – 1/14/14

Last week, workers found some mysterious graffiti within the walls of the Darley Abbey Stables. The stables are in the process of being restored, as the building is historic and iconic to the area. But now, the graffiti has been identified by the widow of the author. More than 50 year ago, Gerald King decided to write a playful message on a wall. This graffiti has the names of four men, including King, along with stating they were all unhappy with their jobs and planned to go elsewhere. The graffiti, while surprising, has given insight into the stable’s past history.


Source: Graffiti Identified by Widow

Virginia Police Search for Pyro – 1/13/14

Police in Norwich, VA have released CCTV footage of a man they believe to be responsible for the recent spike in graffiti. The word PYRO has been sprayed across the town. Anyone with information should inform the police in Norwich as soon as possible.


Source: Norwich Police Search for Suspect

Turkish Community Targeted in France – 1/10/14

A number of Muslim owned buildings in the town of Vendome, France were targeted with racist and fascist graffiti. Swastikas and racist slogans were sprayed on numerous buildings, including a mosque. Unfortunately it’s not the first time for this community. They are regularly targeted when it’s time for elections or big events for the country.

Source: Turkish Community Targeted

Worcester Battle Graffiti – 1/9/14

City officials in Worcester, MA are trying to crackdown on the recent spike of graffiti across the town. The city is reporting 150 incidents just in December alone. They are determined to find the vandals and make them pay for the clean up. So far they have arrested one person believed to be involved and hope that they can shed light on who else could be involved. The police are looking into whether increased patrol in the areas will help deter the graffiti.

Source: Worcester Battles Graffiti

New Graffiti Supplies Store – 1/8/14

Shane Reilly has opened up a graffiti supplies store in Maroochydore, Australia in the hopes to popularize street artists. He’s taken note that a lot of artists are wanting to paint legally on buildings as a way of making a business out of it. He hopes to be able to find legal or permission walls for local artists. With artists painting legally and buying supplies from a “graffiti supply store” the hope to bring down tagging might just work. Vandals are less likely to tag something already painted as it’s a sign of disrespect.


Source: Local Man Opens Up Graffiti Store

Residents Losing Patience – 1/7/14

Yarmouth, Maine residents are losing patience when it comes to a local high school’s graduating tradition. Each year the graduating class of Yarmouth High School graffiti walls around town with their graduating year. This year students took to vandalizing a brand new rock wall made to be an exit off the freeway and it’s upset the residents. It’s caused so much talk that now the police and MDOT are investigating and paying to remove the graffiti. Police hope that the kids will brag about what they did to give them clues on who the vandals are.


Source: Yarmouth Residents Upset

Graffiti Packs to Prevent Vandalism – 1/6/14

In South Wales, Australia the local council will distribute free graffiti removal packs to businesses. This is part of the next phase in their graffiti and vandalism prevention program. Research is showing that a good deterrent to graffiti is to remove it within 48 hours. This keeps some vandals from coming back. If this new program works then they plan to give out free packs to more property owners.

graffiti packs

Source: Free Graffiti Removal Packs

Graffiti Records Pilgrims’ Progress – 1/3/14

In Bethlehem it’s common to visit the grotto beneath the altar in the Church of Nativity. Here pilgrims can visit the traditional birthplace of Jesus. Historians are now taking note of the increasing amounts of graffiti on the columns that hold the structure up. These columns have graffiti drawn or carved into it that dates back centuries. They are using this to document the pilgrimage some take to the altar each year. This graffiti isn’t a defacement though, most messages ask for forgiveness and show a theme of wanting to leave a piece of them behind at the birthplace. These columns are acting as guestbooks.

Pilgrims light candles in the Church of the Nativity, in the West Bank town of Bethlehem

Source: Graffiti Documents Pilgrims

Civil War Graffiti Found – 1/2/14

A house in Brandy Station, VA is adding it’s bathroom to history charts. The home was built in the 1858 and has been undergoing surveys into it’s history. It’s believed to have been used as a hospital by Confederate and Union forced in the war. During the most recent study, they uncovered graffiti in the bathroom walls dating back to the Civil War era. The house is covered in markings under the drywall from when soldiers were in the home. Researchers hope these markings, drawings, and names can help them uncover what was going on in the home during the war.


Source: Civil War Graffiti

Tacoma Teams with Goodwill – 12/30/13

The city of Tacoma, WA has seen graffiti reports double in the past year. In order to try and combat this, they are teaming up with Goodwill to create a faster response program to get rid of the graffiti. This new program will paint over or remove the graffiti within 72 hours of a report to the city at no cost to the owner of the property. This service will be available up to 3 times in a 12 month period to those property owners who sign consent. As of now property owners must remove the graffiti within 18 days or it’ll be removed by the city and billed to the owner. This new program hopes that this quick response will keep graffiti from reappearing.

Source: Tacoma Teams with Goodwill

Happy Holidays from Graffiti Shield – 12/23/13

From all of us at Graffiti Shield, we want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!


Graffiti Scares – 12/20/13

Vandals in Christchurch, England have defaced a youth center, pavilion, and pensioner’s home in a widespread graffiti spree. The graffiti has residents and local business owners furious, as they have to pay to clean it all up. The vandals have not been caught, but the spree has been ongoing since November 30th. The town is now holding investigations and is going to try and push legislature through to address graffiti.


Source: Mindless Graffiti Upsets Town

College Students Tackle Graffiti – 12/19/13

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association and Emily Carr University of Art and Design have come started a relationship regarding graffiti. They have come together to allow a dozen art students to showcase their art on electrical boxes in the city. Their designs are printed onto vinyl and are then showcased on the boxes for two years. Since this has started, graffiti on the boxes in the area has decreased by 50%. This is due to mutual respect amongst artists. They all know not to cover or deface other art.


Source: Art Students Help Knock Down Graffiti

Cairo Graffiti Reflects Mood – 12/18/13

Egypt has been enjoying a street art movement since the 2011 Revolution, but there’s a new draft law coming out that will ban “abusive” graffiti. This will mean street artists could face fines or even prison sentences if the law goes into effect. This art movement has helped show the mood of the country. On the walls display the mood of the people and how they feel about the government at the time. To them, it’s a way to pass on their message to fellow citizens.

Source: Cairo Graffiti

Elevators Restored at USC – 12/17/13

Last week Graffiti Shield, Inc. installed Metal Shield to an elevator at University of Southern California. The elevator was heavily damaged due to etching and our Metal Shield was a perfect solution. This film not only restores to the elevator to look new again, but it will protect it from further damage due to graffiti and vandalism.

USC Elevator Before USC Elevator After

BENSR Arrested in LA – 12/16/13

Using a search warrant, TSB Deputies in LA searched the home of a well known graffiti vandal, “BENSR.” Inside they found boxes of spray paint, markers, and other tools used for graffiti. This man has caused nearly $4,000 worth of damage to MTA Buses in the LA area. He was arrested and taken in.

Bensr+004+500+x+300 Bensr+015+500+x+300

Source: BENSR Arrested in LA

Second Tagger Arrested – 12/13/13

Deputies from the Special Problems Unit arrested a man for vandalizing outside the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau. After a search warrant was served, the police found graffiti paraphernalia, brass knuckles, illegal fireworks, and even a stolen driver’s license. The man was arrested and taken in.


Source: LA Arrests Second Tagger

Escondido Transit Install and Onsite Training – 12/12/13

Graffiti Shield held onsite training at the Escondido Transit for the NCTD . We created Metal Shield kits for the TVM ticket machines for the Sprinter line. We were able to show technicians how to install the Metal Shield material to cover the existing graffiti etching in the stainless steel.

Ticket Machine Before Metal Shield:

TVM Before

Installation of Metal Shield:

TVM Install 2  TVM Install 1

Ticket Machine After Metal Shield Installation:

TVM After

Tagger Falls Off Billboard – 12/6/13

Two men were arrested and charged with vandalism after one of them fell off the billboard he was tagging. While one man acted as a look out, the other climbed a tower and strapped himself to the sign. While in the middle of tagging the strap came loose and he fell and landed on the hood of a car. He was taken to the hospital and later both were charged with felony vandalism and conspiracy.

Source: LASD – Tagger Falls From Billboard,  Tagger Falls Off Billboard