Precutting and Converting

Application Examples

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Precut Form SubmissionPrecutting Take Off Sheet


Graffiti Shield offers precutting services for thin films to thick films. Capabilities are endless and using this service will save your crews time onsite and eliminate the need to precut materials onsite. Costs vary depending on film type but are priced in two types “Thin Film” 7-Mil and thinner, and “Thick Film” 8-Mil or greater. We can cut up to 24-Mil.

Do you know what it costs your company now to precut or cut a large project? If your like most companies, your using an experienced installer that can understand cutting and save your company material. But this comes at a great cost since they are also your highest paid employee onsite. I recommend doing the math on what it does cost your company in lost installing time and added days to complete the installation. We believe you will be surprised.

You can give us exact drop in measurements or slightly bigger. Options are part number engraving, pull tabs, and radius corners. Please go to the Precut Submission Form to submit your measurements and details or use the link above to download Precutting Take Off Sheet to fill out, save, and email to for a written proposal. We will price the precutting project based on scope and film type with boxing and shipping options.

Graffiti Shield also offers converting services for numerous industries. From laminating thin films to custom precut shapes and materials. Need a custom film for a small project? Graffiti Shield can do small to large projects. Our minimum order length is low and can be priced accordingly. Call us or email us to speak with a sales person to discuss your specific needs.