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Manufacturer of surface protection solution products for glass, metal, and solid surfaces. We specialize in precut anti-graffiti films for public and private spaces.

Graffiti Shield was founded in early 2013 however has decades of experience manufacturing and installing protective films leading up to the launch of a very seasoned company from day one. It has been recognized that the graffiti control market has been only partially serviced and supported by individual facets or companies for different areas of concern.

We saw a need from clients for a holistic graffiti control/abatement for all of their needs. Thus Graffiti Shield was born.

Manufacturer of surface protection solution products for glass, metal, and solid surfaces.
We specialize in precut anti-graffiti films for public and private spaces.

Glass Shield

Our initial launch was the installation of a clear sacrificial film on glass to prevent vandalism to penetrate through to the glass. This film was welcomed with open arms from owners of retail stores and private companies that needed the protection from vandals etching their graffiti on windows with abrasive materials. With the clear undetectable sacrificial film if vandalized, you could easily remove the damaged film, and replace to achieve a new window without the costly glass replacement. Think of it as a giant, clear, thick Post It Note on your glass. As soon as it is vandalized, we simply remove it and replace it. Your glass remains untouched.

Graffiti Shield Metal Shield

Metal Shield

Now that we are in control of protecting the glass surfaces, our next observation was the large amount of Stainless Steel that was being vandalized. Stainless Steel is the material of choice in most elevators, escalators and public environments. As resilient as this metal is to oxidation and rusting, it is very easy to scratch and or vandalize. Insult to injury, it is almost impossible to resurface back to a new like condition since the original finish is applied in a factory by large machinery. So Graffiti Shield created the only patent pending product to solve this problem. We created a 6-mil thick protective film/skin that replicates the appearance of Stainless Steel. This product can be installed over existing Stainless Steel that has been vandalized to cover up and protect the metal surface. We have also engineered it with a custom adhesive that can be removed if vandalized in the future. Once again, think of it as a giant Stainless Steel Appearance, thick Post It Note. It is also available in a Brushed Aluminum and Gold finish.

Mirror Shield

Another area that was found needing attention, mirrors in restrooms for numerous facilities. The mirrors were etched into with a key, tool, and/or sandpaper and often times have corrosion at the bottom portion of the mirror. We created a product that is opaque, thick, and looked identical to a mirror. Mirror Shield was created and is now a very popular product to help a facility not have the need to replace a mirror. You simply just replace the mirrored skin.

Mirror Shield Peel Back
graffiti shield custom shield

Custom Shield

Now that we have the manufacturing capabilities, it has opened the doors to countless custom applications. We offer many different top coat substrates and laminate to our proprietary base film and make it an anti-graffiti film for many different surface types. These include powder-coated metals, certain veneers, most smooth painted surfaces, and table tops. With this film type, you can make most surfaces a graffiti resistance and replaceable product without having to replace the actual unit.

With all of these needs…

We utilize the assistance of a Computer-Aided Design system that drives our CNC and Laser cutting lines. What does this mean to you? If we service your glass, Stainless Steel, or any other protected filmed surface, we use the aid of computers and cutters to precut your material to the tightest of tolerances. Taking it a step further each pattern we cut has a small inconspicuous part number engraved in the lower corner. So if you fall victim to vandalism, all you would need to do is re-order based off the part number of the piece(s) needing to be replaced and we take it from there. We can cut, ship and or install the new film(s) in a fraction of the time vs. sending out a sales representative to start the traditional process all over again.

As you can see, this is just a quick glimpse of what happens when the right people collaborate on an issue that has never been addressed from every angle.

About the Founders

Mike Schuck

Mike Schuck

Co-Founder and Principal

Mike has been in the window film industry for over 30 years. Our sister company just celebrated its 30th Year in business and in total we have over 45 employees. Mike’s expertise is in sales, digital designs, and CAD design. Mike is always looking ahead to what we can help our clients with and is a great forward thinker.

Jeff Green

Jeff Green

Co-Founder and Principal

Jeff also has over 30 years in the window film industry and is part owner in our sister company since 1999. His background is in manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses within the window film industry. His role is the numbers side of things and is heavily involved in sales and marketing as well as the operational side of the business. He is always working on the company to keep it systematized and running smooth.

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Manufacturer of surface protection solution products for glass, metal, and solid surfaces. We specialize in precut anti-graffiti films for public and private spaces.

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