Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center

Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles
Medical Center

Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center
West Los Angeles, CA

Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center (Kaiser) is a large, multi-building healthcare facility that offers emergency care, specialized treatments, and general inpatient/outpatient care to a service population approximately 2 million people. Thousands of patients and visitors frequent their facility daily.


Given the nature of their business, the cleanliness and safety of Kaiser’s healthcare facilities is critical to patient satisfaction and customer/employee retention. Kaiser’s commitment to cleanliness extends from the parking lot to the roof and everything in between. Unfortunately, years of high traffic and visitation through their facility had caused significant wear and tear to the hospital’s 26 elevators, and vandals had begun to tag and etch the metal and wood veneer panels with unsightly graffiti.


Graffiti Shield designed CAD files of each elevator cab by conducting onsite laser surveying to ensure a proper fit of its products. Graffiti Shield then proposed Metal Shield SS and a Custom Shield Wood Grain to refresh and protect the look of the elevator surface panels.

Metal Shield SS, a 6-mil thick graffiti abatement and obscuring film was installed over the damaged stainless steel surfaces; replicating its original, clean appearance. Metal Shield protects the substrate from future damage while covering up any existing vandalism.

Custom Shield is a graffiti abatement film designed for a specific substrate that will mimic the original appearance of the surface. In this particular case, the wood veneer used in the Kaiser elevators was very unique, requiring a custom solution to ensure an accurate match.

Both films utilize a proprietary adhesive system engineered to withstand removal attempts by the general public, but easily removed by a trained technician without leaving any adhesive transfer on the metal surface. Each piece of film is engraved with a custom part number for easy coordination of reorders and replacement installation.


The costs to resurface the wood veneer and stainless steel surfaces had been quoted at over 10x the cost of the Graffiti Shield solution.

All 26 elevators were successfully protected with Graffiti Shield films. The client regularly replaces damaged pieces and has been able to maintain a clean and professional appearance within their elevators.


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