O’Maddy’s Bar & Grill Case Study

O’Maddy’s Bar & Grill Case Study

O’Maddy’s Bar & Grill
St. Petersburg, FL

O’Maddy’s is a popular bar and grille with a Beach Bar atmosphere located along the inner coast of St. Petersburg, Florida.


O’Maddy’s was struggling to keep their restrooms free of vandalism; specifically vulgar tagging/etching on their men’s bathroom mirrors. The need for mirror replacement was growing cost prohibitive, and with every replacement new graffiti was not far behind. OMaddy’s patrons were beginning to question the safety of what was once one of their favorite local hang outs and their long-standing image of quality was beginning to suffer.


Mirror Shield, a graffiti abatement and obscuring film that offers the reflective look of a mirror while providing protection to the surface underneath, was installed over existing mirrors in the men’s bathroom. Mirror Shield’s proprietary adhesive cleanly releases from the surface but withstands removal attempts from the general public. By installing Mirror Shield, the need for constant mirror replacement was alleviated and further permanent damage was prevented. Additionally, Graffiti Shield’s ability to print directly to the film enabled the use of O’Maddy’s logo and the printed promotion of a new menu item — chicken wings.


Since the completion of the initial installation in the men’s bathroom, no new vandalism has occurred.

The sales of chicken wings were tracked over a specific period of time. Due to a hurricane that came through in that timeframe, the sales of the location were down by 20%, but sales of chicken wings were up 38.2%.

The owner now plans to outfit the ladies’ restroom with a promotion to push a new drink they’ve recently added to the menu.


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