Peel Mirror System

Introducing the Revolutionary Peel Mirror System:
A Breakthrough in Combatting Vandalism

In an era where vandalism and graffiti pose persistent challenges to public facilities and businesses, a pioneering solution has emerged: the Peel Mirror System. Manufactured right here in California, this innovative product promises to revolutionize the way we approach mirror maintenance and protection.

The Peel Mirror System is not just another mirror – it’s a game-changer. Designed with a unique multi-layer mirror film, it offers unparalleled reliability and convenience. This groundbreaking feature allows for easy removal of damaged layers, revealing a fresh mirror surface underneath. Say goodbye to the hassle of endlessly replacing vandalized mirrors and the costly repairs associated with graffiti removal.

Don’t let graffiti
discourage you from
having a mirror!

Peel Mirror System Design

PEEL Mirror System peeling multi layers

Peel Mirror System offers unparalleled reliability and convenience. Featuring multiple layers for enhanced protection, our mirror eliminates the fear often associated with restroom mirrors due to vandalism. With its four layers of protection, graffiti and vandalism are effortlessly removed, addressing a common concern faced by restaurants and public facilities. Embrace its lightweight, shatter resistant construction! The ease of removing these layers not only deters vandals but also ensures a cost-effective solution. Peel Mirror System costs only a fraction of traditional mirrors, making it an ideal choice for establishments looking to maintain restroom aesthetics without compromising on quality or budget.

Compare the Difference and Save!

Peel Mirror System delivers exceptional protection, offering four times the safeguarding capability compared to a single mirror. Peel Mirror System includes four mirrors, a stark contrast to the single mirror option that necessitates separate purchases, installation, and additional layers of protection. The costs involved in hiring a professional for installation can significantly inflate the total expenditure.

Benefits of Peel Mirror System

Multi-Layer Diagram 4 Layers

Installation kit – included

Pre-installed 4 layers of genuine
Mirror Shield® by Graffiti Shield®

Ability to remove vandalism under 1 minute

Permanent wall mounting bracket for easy replacement

Shatter resistant

72.46% in overall savings!

Benefit of Conventional Mirror

Multi-Layer Diagram 4 Layers

1 conventional mirror – included

No installation kit included

No anti-graffiti coating included

No pre-installation of Mirror Shield® by Graffiti Shield®

Not shatter resistant

By opting for Peel Mirror System, not only do you receive a comprehensive package at a flat rate, but you also eliminate the need for repetitive installations. With our easy-to-follow installation videos, mounting the mirror becomes a one-time task, simplifying the process for you. When you reach the fourth mirror, you can effortlessly order a replacement kit. In contrast, acquiring and installing four new generic mirrors with films for your facility would result in substantially higher costs and added complexities.

Invest in the Peel Mirror System – a cost-effective, hassle-free solution that maximizes protection while minimizing expenses.

Mirror Shield Film

Enhanced Protection with Multi-Layer Mirror Shield Film. Peel Mirror System boasts four layers of robust protection. This multi-layer mirror shield film ensures your mirror stays resilient against vandalism and graffiti. When damage occurs, effortlessly peel away the affected layer to reveal a pristine mirror surface.

Simple Installation Process

Hassle-Free Installation with Peel Mirror System. Featuring an integrated mounting bracket, installing our system is effortless. The thoughtful design ensures a quick and trouble-free installation process. Within minutes, securely attach the mirror to any surface, ready to serve its purpose.

Peel Mirror System Installation

Step 1

Mount the 2 Peel Mirror System brackers
to the wall with the tools included in the

Hover over image to see the steps!

Step 2

Hang Peel Mirror System mirror onto the
brackers. Mirror will snap into place once
engaged. Remove protective coating.

Hover over image to see the steps!

Step 3

Use our tool to peel layer off of surface
once it has been damaged. Notch located
upper right corner.

Hover over image to see the steps!

Peel Mirror System is Shatter Resistant!

Ensuring Safety with Shatter-Resistant Peel Mirror System. Safety is paramount with our mirror’s acrylic board construction, providing shatter resistant reliability. Feel secure in environments prone to accidents or impacts, knowing your mirror will remain intact even in unexpected circumstances.

Experience the unbeatable value of Peel Mirror System

Discover Unmatched Value with Peel Mirror System. Embrace practicality and convenience with our system that includes a replaceable design, four layers of Mirror Shield protection, lightweight, shatter resistant construction, easy installation, and cost-effectiveness. Elevate your space with a mirror solution promising enduring clarity and value.

Replacement Kit

Combat Vandalism and Graffiti

Combat Vandalism Effortlessly with Peel Mirror System. Our innovative and cost-effective mirror solution is specifically designed to combat vandalism and graffiti. Featuring a unique multi-layer mirror film, effortlessly peel away to reveal a fresh mirror surface in case of vandalism.

Replacement Kit

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Peel Mirror System US Patent

Patented (US Patent 11,002,063), with other patents pending.
Engineered in California, made in the USA.


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