Process Services

CNC cutting

Graffiti Shield offers a wide array of cutting options depending on the needs of our clients. Currently Graffiti Shield has three CNC cutting lines that perform basic to detailed cutting to your specifications. We have the ability to cut as thick as 30 mil films and do detailed part numbering or engraving. We work with CAD design to make every piece cut to specification. Our CNC cutters offer off the roll cutting and sheet cutting. We can cut up to 60″ wide up to 220″ long.

Laser Cutting

Our cutting possibilities have now moved into laser cutting. With laser cutting we cut even thicker film materials, including plastic and acrylic. Our laser cutters can cut up to 66″ x 98″ and offers the same options as CNC with part number and engraving capabilities. With a laser you actually get the most precise cleanest cut edge you can get.


CNC Lines
CNC Lines

Part Number Engraving and Cataloging

We pride ourselves on part number engraving to allow for easy cataloging and ease of reordering. Graffiti Shield catalogs all part numbers in a OEM catalog or Property Inventory System.
We offer in-house scanning of flat parts to capture the sizes for CAD design. We can scan up to 53″ wide and use these scans to create first articles and test cut any odd shape for placement.


Graffiti Shield offers in-house UV printing to all our products. Our capabilities are from gradient whites to full color advertising. Printing on our products have endless opportunities and are used on transit systems, restaurants, bars, commercial properties, and gas stations. Whether you need printing for advertising, safety messages, or a custom design, we have you covered. We also can also print any of our films and precut with our CNC and laser to fit your needs.

Laminating Services

Our in house laminating capabilities allow us to take many different products and laminate together to make unique products for different applications. We can also laminate over printed projects to help protect the inks. We offer our services on an as needed basis and provide quotes based on your needs.

CAD Design Services

Graffiti Shield has in house CAD designers that create all our unique parts, drawings, and artwork design. These services can be beneficial if you need drawings for your transit agency or first article approval.

CNC Lines
CNC Lines

Boxing and Packaging

One of the great things about having CNC and CAD design capabilities is we can design and cut all of our own packaging. We want to make sure your order makes it to you in perfect shape. Whether it is rolled material, precut, or a pallet; we have the expertise and knowhow to make this happen.


At any time, Graffiti Shield has nearly 1 million sq ft of material in stock. Having this allows for quick turnaround time for shipping rolled materials and precut. We also stock all the tools needed to perform installations along with kits to fit your needs.

CNC Lines
CNC Lines
CNC Lines
CNC Lines
CNC Lines
CNC Lines
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Manufacturer of surface protection solution products for glass, metal, and solid surfaces. We specialize in precut anti-graffiti films for public and private spaces.

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