Glass Shield

Glass Shield was initially designed as a solution to vandals scratching or etching glass and mirrors in public and or private environments. The thickness of Glass Shield and the specially formulated hard coat protects the glass substrate from potential mild to extensive damage either from scratching, carving or acid etching. Once the film is damaged, it can simply be removed by our technicians and replaced in moments giving your glass a “like-new” appearance.

Metal Shield

Metal finishes are common surfaces utilized in public environments due to its corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant characteristics. The finished, however, are easily damaged by anything abrasive including but not limited to sand paper, keys and other sharp tools. Vandals often utilize this weakness  to “tag” their name into a panel with minimal effort yet costly damage. Metal Shield is a thick Anti-Graffiti abatement and obscuring film available in Stainless Steel, Brushed Aluminum and Brushed Gold finishes that helps combat this issue.

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield was designed to help keep up with vandalism spreading to new canvases. Since mirrors are often found in restrooms (a less populated area), vandals have an infinite amount of time to cause damage to the surface through scratching, etching or other forms of graffiti. Once a mirror is vandalized it is rendered useless and will typically have to be replaced. Mirror Shield is a graffiti abatement and obscuring film that offers the reflective look of a mirror while providing protection to the surface underneath.

Custom Shield

Advancing technology allowed not only just Glass Shield, Mirror Shield, and Metal Shield to be born, but also the ability to make custom products. These patent pending products are designed for a specific substrate and will mimic a surface while giving it all the benefits of an anti-graffiti film. The materials can be used in many different areas and applied to many different substrates.

Glass Shield Multi Layer

Glass Shield Multi Layer is a 4 layer system consisting of 4-Mil clear anti-graffiti films stacked to allow the user to peel away graffiti one layer at a time as it is damaged. We precision cut the film to fit your specifications and do a layered step to the edge to allow each layer to be pulled off as needed.

Printed Films

Graffiti Shield is offering in-house printing services to all of its anti-graffiti and surface protection films. Whether it is a special message to customers or employees, advertising a new product, holiday message, or adding a theme to your establishment, we help you turn your anti-graffiti program into a marketing revenue stream.


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