Graffiti Shield offers a range of surveying options depending on what your project entails and what stage of development it’s in. Surveys can be done using one of our measuring guides with step by step instructions. Or we can send out a qualified surveyor. All Graffiti Shield surveys are done using state of the art technology, includes part number assignment, basic to detailed cutouts, film adhesion tests, and picture cataloging. Onsite laser measuring may be needed if detailed CAD design is required. Onsite surveys may come with some fees along with any travel expenses and are proposed to your needs. This helps ensure that your pre-cut pieces will fit exactly to your liking for years to come.

Graffiti Shield Survey
Graffiti Shield Laser Survey
Graffiti Shield Laser Survey
Graffiti Shield Mirror Survey
Graffiti Shield Escalator Measuring
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Manufacturer of surface protection solution products for glass, metal, and solid surfaces. We specialize in precut anti-graffiti films for public and private spaces.

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