CNC Lines 1-3

Graffiti-Shield Inc. Adds 3rd CNC Cutting Line      August 9, 2016 – Anaheim, CA.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. has just installed and launched its third CNC Cutting line to its lineup. This larger more industrial cutting system will give Graffiti Shield, Inc. and its clients more options for its traditional precut services of Graffiti Shield products by adding faster, even more precise cutting. “This new CNC now allows for Graffiti Shield to begin offering precut converting for non-Graffiti Shield products.” Says Jeffrey Green, CEO of Graffiti Shield, Inc. “Soon we will be launching a complete system for window film companies to use our services in precutting medium to large commercial projects.” Says Michael Schuch, President of Graffiti Shield, Inc. The plan is to take precise measurements from the client, design, precut, box using Graffiti Shield supplied products or customer supplied materials, then ship to the client’s project or place of business. The new CNC will cut thin solar films and thick safety films well over 21-Mil. This new service will broaden the reach of Graffiti Shield, Inc. to many more opportunities and its total services.

The idea came from a customers need to precut a 15-Mil safety film project for a school. The project had over 200 windows varying in size with arches with many the same size and some arches. CAD drawings were done and the complete project was cut in less than a day. Each piece dropped into the frame saving lots of material, but best of all it saved over 1 ½ days onsite by allowing for an installer to install rather than cut material. It was also unique that no cutting blades were ever needed on any of the windows on site.

About Graffiti-Shield Inc.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. produces multiple lines of graffiti abatement films that protect property and prevent damage for clients in mass transit, property management, retail, entertainment, gas stations, universities and sports stadiums. Glass Shield™, Metal Shield™, Mirror Shield_and other custom films are sold exclusively through Graffiti Shield, Inc.

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