Beverly Center is Southern California’s premier fashion destination with 100 distinctive specialty boutiques, providing their customers with a unique shopping experience. With a desire to maintain the prestige of their facility, Beverly Center recently committed to a multi-billion dollar renovation to the entire mall; and contracted with Graffiti Shield to cover all custom painted posts, restrooms (stalls/mirrors/fixtures), valet walls and posts, elevators, and custom signage.

Graffiti Shield’s primary challenge for the Beverly Center project included the need to provide protection from vandalism to multiple different surface types and qualities of finishes. These finishes ranged from high-end Ferrari-quality paints to standard, economy paints. Surfaces that required protection included backlit elevators  and hallways cladded in opaque glass.

Graffiti Shield will utilize Glass Shield 6-Mil, Glass Shield 6-Mil Poly, Mirror Shield, and Custom Shield Clear for the Beverly Center project. All surfaces within public reach will be protected and will need to be surveyed, part numbered and cataloged to streamline future replacement work once the mall is turned back over to the owners. Over 20,000 sq ft of the project has been completed to date.

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