(Los Angeles, California, March 30, 2020) Graffiti Shield Inc, located in Anaheim, California started producing Protective Face Shields to help with the PPE

shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Graffiti Shield who is best known for manufacturing anti-graffiti films for surfaces such as metal, glass, and mirror were called upon by a large hospital in Los Angeles, California approximately four days ago. The large medical facility was in need of clear film so they could makeshift face shields themselves to help protect their staff while supplies of PPE are difficult to obtain.

Graffiti Shield knew two things, they had the machines and the materials to create and produce Protective Face Shields. With urgency, Graffiti Shield began the process of designing an easy to wear face shield. “Within 5 days the design was completed, Protective Face Shields were assembled, and production began at a rapid pace.” Says Michael Schuch President. With efficiency Graffiti Shield increased production by 35% each day, now producing over 1,600 assembled Protective Face Shields a day. “Our team went into all hands on deck to make this happen.” Says Jeffrey Green CEO.

What began as an urgent call to meet the need for the safety of a healthcare facility fighting the COVID-19 pandemic has now turned into a growing number of industries including mass transit agencies looking to protect their employees with Protective Face Shields. Graffiti Shield will continue to exhaust all efforts to deliver Protective Face Shields to the people fighting on the frontlines against COVID-19. Thank you for your courage, be safe and stay healthy.

To learn more about Graffiti Shield’s Protective Face Shields please call 714-575-1100 or visit www.protectivefaceshield.com

Graffiti Shield, Inc. has developed a multitude of innovative films to help combat the rise in graffiti vandalism; including films that mimic the appearance of mirrors, stainless steel, brushed gold, glass, and even custom laminates. Graffiti Shield continues to stay on top of a growing demand for multi-layer clear films as well as enhance the quality of the custom cut program they offer to their clients and independent dealers. Learn more about Graffiti Shield Inc. by visiting www.graffiti-shield.com

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