How many hours are spent placing, removing and replacing necessary messaging and safety items on your rolling stock? Add to that the cost of graffiti/vandalism repair and it can really start to take a toll on your bottom line. Graffiti Shield Inc has introduced a solution that simplifies both challenges. We can now print required messages, safety items, transit maps, and advertising directly to our graffiti abatement film line, streamlining installation while keeping compliance information consistent and saving on the costs of emergency exit, handicap, and other special messages stickers. Custom printing is available with Glass Shield 4-Mil, 6-Mil, Mirror Shield, Metal Shield Stainless Steel/Brushed Aluminum, and Custom Shield films.

Printed Films Project Feature: LA DOT

LA DOT faced a dilemma in which they had a multitude of stickers being placed in specific places on their emergency exit and handicap windows. The windows are constantly getting vandalized, and although they were protected with anti-graffiti films, replacement occurred often which in turn required endless replacement of the necessary stickers. By printing the necessary messages directly onto the Glass Shield film, LA DOT saved on time and printing costs for the printing and installation of the stickers, and bored passengers weren’t able to peel them off!


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