Commercial and public restrooms are often used by many people/customers throughout the day. Since they are used so frequently there is a high probability of vandalism caused by graffiti damage to the many items within the commercial restroom. This vandalism can lead to extensive damages and costly maintenance expense. When customers utilize a restroom that has been vandalized it can and will leave a lasting negative impression with your clients, which is a direct reflection on your business establishment. Graffiti Shield’s anti-graffiti products can reduce maintenance costs, keeping your commercial restrooms looking clean, feeling safe and inviting.

Graffiti Shield can protect several surfaces in your commercial restrooms:

  • Mirrors (Mirror Shield®)
  • Restroom Partitions (Metal Shield®)
  • Auto Flush Sensors (Metal Shield® and Glass Shield®)
  • Hand Dryers (Metal Shield®)
  • Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers (Metal Shield®)
  • Paper Towel Dispensers (Metal Shield®)
  • Metal Countertops (Metal Shield®)
  • Urinal Tops (Custom Shield®)
  • Trash Containers (Metal Shield®)
  • Digital Screens (Glass Shield®)

Our proprietary adhesive releases from the surface but withstands removal attempts from the public or vandals. Graffiti Shield’s anti-graffiti films are printable which can be utilized for advertising, messages, employee messages, and decorative touches. Graffiti Shield helps keep your restrooms looking clean and new while reducing maintenance cost.

Our anti-graffiti film products can be installed in various industries such as movie theaters, hospitals, hotels, gas stations, schools, malls, and many more establishments with a public restroom.

Contact us today for more information on protecting your public/commercial restroom.

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