(Anaheim, California, September 5, 2019) Graffiti Shield Inc, located in Anaheim, California has been awarded the Multi-Layer Vandal Shield Window Film for TriMet’s Revenue Service Bus Fleet.

TriMet, also known as the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon, operates mass transit buses, light rail, and commuter rail in a region that covers most of the Portland metropolitan area in the state of Oregon, US.

Over the next 5 years, Graffiti Shield will be providing Glass Shield Multi-Layer for an estimated 5,000 windows to protect existing New Flyer and Gillig buses from graffiti and vandalism. “We are excited to work with TriMet and help refresh the entire fleet with new anti-graffiti films, part numbers, and patterns. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition while providing the best product available in the market,” said Jeff Green, CEO of Graffiti Shield.

Glass Shield Multi-Layer anti-graffiti film is an innovative abatement film that is easily installed over glass surfaces to protect against vandalism. The multi-layer film is a 4-layer stacked film with a patent-pending peel point system that allows each layer to be easily removed exposing a new, clean surface underneath. Utilizing Graffiti Shield’s, Glass Shield Multi-Layer anti-graffiti film allows a single installation while providing 4 layers of protection. Once the top layer is vandalized, simply peel the top layer away exposing a clean new layer.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. has developed a multitude of innovative films to help combat the rise in graffiti vandalism; including films that mimic the appearance of mirrors, stainless steel, brushed gold, glass, and even custom laminates. Graffiti Shield continues to stay on top of a growing demand for multi-layer clear films as well as enhance the quality of the custom cut program they offer to their clients and independent dealers. Learn more about Graffiti Shield Inc. by visiting www.graffiti-shield.com

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