3M 1004 Multi-Layer film is a state of the art stacked anti-graffiti film that allows the user to peel away etching or vandalism up to four times per unit. This means quicker removal of vandalism and less time in the publics eyes. The multi-layer is available in precut only and is custom cut to your specifications. Our converting system allows for very clean edge cutting within .001 of an inch and stepped edges for easy removal of each layer.

The multi-layer can be used on many applications including:

-Transit buses interior windows

-Light rail and subway trains interior windows

-Fuel pump screens

-Bathroom mirrors

-Ticket vending machines

-ATM machines

-Parking meters

-And custom applications

Graffiti Shield, Inc. is an authorized dealer of 3M Window Films. Visit our Multi-Layer page for more info and to get a free quote for your project.


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