Here is a perfect picture of a recent install showing Graffiti Shield’s new Metal Shield Stainless Steel in action. This elevator is in a transit system that has been buffing and cleaning the metal so much, the metal lost all its luster. With Metal Shield Stainless Steel, it looks brand new and gives a beautiful look of cleanliness and care for their elevators. The best thing of all, is it cost them 10% of redoing the elevator completely.

This client needed to clean up their elevators and achieve a safe environment. Graffiti Shield also added custom printed elevator certificate info and a new No Smoking sign. A great add on and benefit. Printing can be done to show emergency notices, system maps, no smoking, notices, or just add a decorative look.

All the metal panels were measured, CAD designed, part numbered, and installed with minimal efforts. All the glass was also measured, CAD designed, part numbered, and installed with Glass Shield 6-Mil. Making the entire cab a turn key system for reordering and reinstallation after a vandalism event.

To find a dealer or receive further info, please visit us at or call us at (714)575-1100.

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