Graffiti Shield Inc of Anaheim, CA Awarded Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA Glass Contract

(Los Angeles, California, June 1, 2019) Graffiti Shield Inc, located in Anaheim, California has been awarded the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) glass contract. The multi-year, multi-million-dollar contract is set to begin on June 1st, 2019 and will consist of routine inspections, replacement and monitor of all glass surfaces throughout the LA MTA system on a monthly basis.

With over 130 stations within LA MTA, including the new Purple line extension, Crenshaw line, and Gold line extension, Graffiti Shield Inc. will monitor and protect over 65,000 square feet, with an expected growth in protected coverage over time.

The LA MTA contract will have a positive impact on Graffiti Shield’s overall business scope. Graffiti Shield has innovated a precut replacement system that allows easy cataloging of windows, and an efficient monitoring system. Adding this innovative precut replacement, and efficient monitoring system, Graffiti Shield anticipates an advanced overall view allowing on-time efficient replacement.

“Continuing to help Los Angeles Metro maintain the look and feel they want to achieve is a great honor. Our team members are dedicated to continued service and irradiation of graffiti on the system,” states Mike Schuch, President of Graffiti Shield.

LA MTA will have a cost savings impact to their bottom line. Los Angeles Metro has conducted an internal cost audit which determined, union labor would cost the LA MTA system double the amount for similar services provided by Graffiti Shield but without the expertise and experience. “With over 20 years of service for Los Angeles Metro, this has allowed us to keep the system clean of graffiti and maintain the safe environment needed to grow revenue for LA MTA,” says Jeff Green, CEO of Graffiti Shield.

Graffiti Shield strives to continuously make their business model better, adding new internal and external systems. Having this awarded project added to their portfolio, growth of internal staff and expertise is eminent.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. has developed a multitude of innovative films to help combat the rise in graffiti vandalism; including films that mimic the appearance of mirrors, stainless steel, brushed gold, glass, and even custom laminates. The addition of the laser will help them stay on top of a growing demand for multi-layer clear films as well as enhance the quality of the custom cut program they offer to their clients and independent dealers. Learn more about Graffiti Shield Inc. by visiting

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