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Graffiti-Shield Inc. LEED Credit White Papers May 10, 2016 – Anaheim, CA.

Glass Shield Peel BackObtaining LEED Credits to earn LEED Accreditation is getting harder and harder. While there are many products in the marketplace that offer energy reduction and helps make the world a more sustainable place to live and work. Now there is another way to obtain crucial points on a LEED project. Newly published white papers shows the benefits of using the Graffiti Shield products to protect surfaces from vandalism and natural wear and tear. By applying the Graffiti Shield products you not only protect the surfaces from unsightly damage, but instead of replacing or resurfacing, you can simply replace the protective material.

The white papers outline what areas a project can use its products on and how they fit into the overall LEED Accreditation program. “Having a tool like this for our end customers and partner network was key in getting the products specified in new areas and existing building projects. With more and more architects and designers using high end finishes in populated areas, the need has grown tremendously for our products.” says Jeffrey Green, CEO of Graffiti Shield, Inc. “By simply applying our products to your glass surfaces, elevators, stairways, signs, granite facades, and restroom mirrors and stalls, you ultimately make the property last longer and maintain the look of a new finish while not having the need to replace or refinish them. This is key since the Graffiti Shield products require less embodied energy to produce than replacing the substrate material. This in turn places less waste in our landfills and helps maintain a green environment.”

Metal Shield Peel BackAbout Graffiti-Shield Inc.

Graffiti Shield, Inc. produces multiple lines of graffiti abatement films that protect property and prevent damage for clients in mass transit, property management, retail, entertainment, gas stations, universities and sports stadiums. Glass Shield™, Metal Shield™, Mirror Shield™ and other Custom Shield™ films are sold exclusively through Graffiti Shield, Inc.

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