Mirror Shield Printed Sample Hand WashingIntroducing printed Mirror Shield and Glass Shield. Now you can print on Mirror Shield and Glass Shield and install for all to see. The printing broadens the uses of Mirror Shield and Glass Shield in many ways. Now you can take a vandalized mirror and add printing to it without replacing it. Some ideas are:

-Decorative picture to match your business’s theme

-Announcements for new products

-Slogan or Logo to brand your property

-Notices to employees (Must Wash Hands) and patrons (Don’t Drink and Drive)

-Upcoming specials for holidays and or decorations for holidays

-Taxi or designated driver programs (Uber/Lift/Etc.)

The list is endless for possibilities. Better yet, this moves marketing funds to help pay for maintenance from vandalism.

Contact us today to see how Graffiti Shield can make your business look even better. http://www.graffiti-shield.com

Meow Tattoo Denver CO Printed Mirror Shield (Scottish WT) Mirror Shield Printed Sample Beer In Ice 2 20160211_145035



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