The metro system in LA is full of graffiti. From spray paint to etching and even acid etching, it’s all around. Even with LAPD patrolling the stations, these vandals still manage to get away with it. Not this time though, patrons notified authorities after they saw someone tagging the train marquee and display. Authorities quickly apprehended the suspect and found multiple graffiti tools in his possession including markers, spray paint, and razor blades. Further investigations found he was also responsible for graffiti on MTA bus signs, railroad crossing flashers, and some rails around the MTA system. This instance is what we see most commonly. Most taggers don’t use just spray paint because it’s so easy for someone to remove. Razor blades can be used for etching, which is more permanent if the surface isn’t protected. Crime doesn’t pay, and luckily for authorities, he was caught thanks to patrons who spoke up.


Source: MTA Authorities Catch Vandal

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