As San Francisco tries to battle graffiti another question popped up… who should pay for the clean up? Currently the city pays an estimated $20 million per year for city departments and property owners to clean up graffiti. Some say the right direction is to make the vandals pay for the clean up. San Diego has already adopted this procedure and can file civil lawsuits against those arrested to have them pay for the damages and clean up. Right now there’s penalization on both sides for graffiti. The vandals get fines, jail time, and/or community service, but those affected by the graffiti also have consequences. By having a zero-tolerance policy, if a property is vandalized, the owners have 30 days to clean it up or face fines. This is frustrating for property owners, as they repair and replace only to see graffiti return after a few days. As the article says, “… a cycle of cleanup and vandalism that cannot be stopped by blaming and punishing the property owners.” It’s time to place the blame and bill on those who cause the problems.


Source: Graffiti Vandals Should Pay

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